Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Lifestyle Sabrina Sato and Duda Nagle exhibit healed bodies and raise the temperature

Sabrina Sato and Duda Nagle exhibit healed bodies and raise the temperature

Sabrina Sato e Duda Nagle recently decided to set the playground on fire by sharing a photo showing themselves taking a bath in the pool. The couple posed together in suggestive images while cooling off.

“ The caption is up to you”, wrote the presenter of Record. The Japanese woman’s request yielded a series of subtitle options on the part of her followers.

“Duda says:” Be quiet here a little Sa “, a follower joked. “Let’s enjoy that Zoe is sleeping and … sleeping too”, wrote another. “Love is in thoughts and attitudes!”, commented one more.

Another rehearsal that the presenter did and had great repercussions on the web showed the silhouette defined in a night pool bath.

Recently, Sabrina Sato decided to differentiate herself and inaugurated the year 2021 with one of her photo essays. The artist took advantage of the moonlight to pose by the pool wearing a bright red bikini and a pair of blue glasses as a prop.

Today I just want the moonlight“, She wrote, in the caption of the shared publication on her Instagram profile. The record caught the attention of other celebrities such as Thelma Assis, Lívia Andrade and Dani Albuquerque.


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