Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Lifestyle Sertanejo Rodolffo wins first Angel Test - POPline

Sertanejo Rodolffo wins first Angel Test – POPline

The first Trial of the Angel do “BBB 21”Happened this Saturday afternoon (30) and the big winner was Rodolffo! The sertanejo disputed the immunization with Fiuk , Camilla, Sarah, Viih Tube, Kerline, Lumens e Gilberto.

Photo: Instagram reproduction / @ bbb

Understand the dynamics of the race

Tiago Leifert gathered all the participants in the room of the reality show and, after scolding for the delay of some, made a drawing to decide who would dispute the immunization.

“When it comes to ‘everyone in the room’ it’s everyone in the room. It’s not after going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth or heating up beans […] Big Boss is not usually good, ”said the presenter.

The dynamics of the competition, in turn, consisted of duels and each participant was asked to fill in a combination of eight colors according to a template, which was on the other side of the course.

To get to the template or get the paint cans to fill the test, it was necessary to go through plumbing that served as obstacles.

The first person who finished setting up his combination and pressed the button would win the round, but if the combination was wrong, the point would be transferred to the opponent.

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In the end, after a few rounds, the dispute was between Rodolffo and Gilberto. But the sertanejo got the better of it!

As soon as he won the race, Rodolffo hinted that he intends to immunize Caio and, in addition, indicated Arcrebiano e Arthur to Monster Punishment.

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