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‘Seu Peru’ and Nelson Sargento are vaccinated against Covid in Rio ‘Seu Peru’ and Nelson Sargento are vaccinated against Covid in Rio | Rio de Janeiro

City hall begins vaccinating the elderly in a special ceremony at the City PalaceEstefan Radovicz / Agencia O Dia

By Carolina Freitas

Published 31/01/2021 10:11 | Updated 31/01/2021 11:54

Rio – Mayor Eduardo Paes and the Municipal Secretary of Health, Daniel Soranz, participated, this Sunday morning (31), in the ceremony that marked the beginning of vaccination for elderly people over 80 in Rio de Janeiro against the covid-19 .

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Five elderly people were vaccinated in the City Palace, in Botafogo, in the South Zone of the city to mark the new phase of the immunization campaign. From next Monday (1) and until the end of February, vaccination will be staggered. The campaign will mobilize 236 family clinics and municipal health centers, in addition to posts in the drive-thru system. In this first week, people over 95 will be vaccinated. There will be a specific age for each day of the week.

The actor Orlando Drummond, famous for the character “Your Peru“, from Escolinha do Professor Raimundo, 101 years old, was the first to receive the vaccine dose.” I am proud to be able to say something here at this age. Thank you very much, “he said, touched.

The second elderly woman to take the dose of the immunizer was the dressmaker Sebastiana Farnezi, 98 years old. Dulcinéia Gomes Pedrada, 97, who is a housewife, was the third to be vaccinated this Sunday morning at the City Palace.

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The mangueirense musician Nelson Sergeant, 96, who was wearing a mask from his heart team – Vasco da Gama – was also immunized. He, who is the honor president of the samba school Estação Primeira de Mangueira, said during the vaccination that this day was pure happiness.

The fifth and last person to be vaccinated was 95-year-old owner Neiva Gomes Brandão. She talked about the importance of everyone being vaccinated and that she was feeling very happy to have had this opportunity.

During the vaccination, the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes asked people to respect the moment of vaccination and the rules so that everyone could live longer.

“In the past, a 100-year-old person was very old. Now there are people of the same age who live very well. That’s what we want. We want these people to live among us. ”

Daniel Soranz, the municipal health secretary, said that today was part of the vaccination campaign.

“We are going to vaccinate the elderly who are in social programs at the city hall, at the family allowance and below the poverty line. We have 20,000 elderly people who find it more difficult to look for health posts. Their vaccination is much more complex for both socioeconomic and transport issues. This is a very exciting moment for the whole of society, ”said the secretary.

In addition, Daniel asked everyone to respect the queue.

“We need to focus on who is most important. I saw a lot of discussion from various other sectors of society, and from young people wanting to get vaccinated, wanting to get in line as a priority and this cannot happen. The priority must be the people who are dying. The goal of this vaccine is to prevent death and avoid hospitalization, “said Soranz.

Vaccination calendar for the elderly begins on February 1st - TWITTER PLAYBACK
Vaccination calendar for the elderly begins on February 1stTWITTER PLAYBACK

Check out the drive-thru points

In addition to the 236 family clinics and municipal health centers, vaccination will take place at 11 immunization stations in the drive-thru model, in which the person does not need to get out of the car to receive the dose. see locations:

North Zone

– Cidade Universitária, on Ilha do Fundão;
– Nilton Santos Stadium, Engenhão, in Engenho de Dentro
– Madureira Park
– UERJ parking, in Maracanã (UERJ will be open from 9 am to 3 pm)

West Zone

– CMS Belizário Penna, in Campo Grande
– Manoel Guilherme da Silva CMS, in Bangu
– Lincoln de Freitas Filho Polyclinic, in Santa Cruz
– Olympic Park, in Barra da Tijuca

Center and Zona Sul

– Sambódromo, in Cidade Nova
– UFRJ Campus of Praia Vermelha, in Botafogo


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