Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home Breaking News Several lawyers abandon Trump just days from dismissal

Several lawyers abandon Trump just days from dismissal

Several lawyers for former US President Donald Trump abandoned the defense team within days of the dismissal process, CNN and other US media reported.

Five lawyers, including Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier who were supposed to lead the team of lawyers for the American millionaire, resigned their defense following disagreements over the direction of the case, CNN said on Saturday, citing anonymous sources.

The American television network indicated that Trump intended lawyers to continue to defend the thesis of the existence of massive fraud in the presidential elections, rather than focusing on the legality of the process of a lawsuit against a President who is no longer in functions.

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“We have worked hard, but we have not yet made a final decision on our legal team. We will do it soon,” wrote Jason Miller, adviser to Donald Trump on Twitter, in response to this news.

Donald Trump’s “incitement to insurrection” lawsuit following the January 6 invasion of the Capitol by supporters of the former President is set to begin on February 8.

To move the process forward, a two-thirds majority is required, that is 67 senators, but only five Republican senators have so far said they are ready to support the 50 Democratic senators in favor of removal.

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A less serious motion of censure requires the vote of at least ten Republican senators to be able to be adopted, which some observers deemed feasible.

The only American President to be twice the target of an impeachment process, Trump will also be the first head of state targeted by this process after the end of his term.

If convicted, the Senate could prevent him from re-assuming the presidency in the future, dictating the end of his political career.


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