Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Sport Shaken by Bale in new Spurs loss:

Shaken by Bale in new Spurs loss:

Brighton – Tottenham 1-0 (1-0)

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Three minutes had passed when Pascal Gross put the ball in the post from eight meters. From there and out, Brighton had control in the first half, and after just over a quarter of an hour played, Leandro Trossard scored the winning goal.

– It was a good result for us and something we have been waiting for a long time. We deserved it, we had many good chances and I think we were the best team today, says Trossard to Sky Sports.

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Steven Bergwijn was close to equalizing after half an hour played, but the shot went just wide. It was also the only thing Tottenham had to offer in the first 45 minutes.

– Brighton have played Tottenham, said TV 2’s football expert Petter Myhre during the break.

– They have been shockingly bad. They have not been threatening and have had half-hearted attempts in the box, added TV 2’s Premier League expert Trevor Morley.

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In the final minutes, Aaron Connolly should have increased to 2-0 on an open goal, but Toby Alderweireld came to the rescue and managed to save on the line.

Bale is slaughtered: – I’m shocked

After the first half, Morley was shocked by Gareth Bale and what he had accomplished at Amex Stadium.

– We like him, he is a nice guy and has had a fantastic career. But look at him, will he really be there? Does he really play for the team’s best ?, Morley began and continued:

– His body language … he’s terribly bad. He will not lift his legs off the ground to reach a heading once. He loses the battle for the ball, fails to time his headers and he does not look like he will win the ball. I do not know, he is not himself. It does not look like he is interested. I am shocked by his performance and he will be lucky if he is on the field for the second round.

Bale was standing on the grass when the second half started, but after 62 minutes it was over for the evening. Lucas Moura came in to finish the match.


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