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– She ruined my race – VG

Linn Svahn in action in Falun. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / TT NEWS AGENCY

FALUN / OSLO (VG) It was a dramatic sprint in Falun for the Norwegian women: Lotta Udnes Weng (24) and Maiken Caspersen Falla (30) were both eliminated in the quarterfinals.


The sprint in Falun is still going on.

There was drama in the first quarter-final heat when Linn Svahn threw herself in front of Lotta Udnes Weng in the race. But Svahn was not penalized, and Lotta Udnes Weng was sent off.

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– Svahn steps on my skis and I have to stop. I was about to take “a Bolshunov”, I understand that he reacted as he did, says Lotta Udnes Weng to NRK. To VG she says:

– I think Svahn should have been the disk, it is weak of the jury. They are not consistent. She ruined my race.

Twin sister Tiril Udnes Weng also received a verbal warning for a similar offense in the semifinals.

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– It was probably correct, otherwise she would have been discarded. She had higher speed than Weng, says the Swedish cross-country manager Anders Byström to NRK about the drama between Linn Svahn and Lotta Udnes Weng.

This is what Udnes Weng refers to when she says she was about to take “a Bolshunov”:

– My view is that Linn changes line too late, says the Norwegian coach Ola Vigen Hattestad to NRK.

– She’s ruining for Lotta. But Lotta is on track for what happens later. That is what we must take with us today.

NRK expert Torgeir Bjørn was very hard on the live:

– I think the jury will actually move Linn Svahn for the quarterfinals there, but they do not dare against Linn Svahn at home in Sweden.

Maiken Caspersen Falla was knocked out in the quarterfinals in a match with Jonna Sundling and Emma Ribom.

– I felt fine, but did not get paid in full. It’s weird.

– What can we expect from you for the World Cup?

– I think I can win, but I can also smoke early. It will be exciting to see. I feel it can go both ways.

She names Linn Svahn as the big gold favorite in the Oberstdorf WC.

The home hope Johanna Hagström was the fastest in the prologue, where all the Norwegian runners went on to the quarterfinals.


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