Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home Lifestyle Sophie Xeon: - Pop star (34) died suddenly

Sophie Xeon: – Pop star (34) died suddenly

Scottish pop star and trans icon Sophie Xeon – known by the stage name SOPHIE – has passed away at just 34 years old. This is confirmed by the management of the newspaper The Guardian.

The Grammy-nominated artist died in an accident in the Greek capital Athens.

– At this time, respect and family privacy are our priority. We also ask for respect for the fans, and that you treat this news with care, the management says in the statement.

The 34-year-old was known for his electronic pop music, but also distinguished himself as an artist, songwriter and DJ. Xeon has also worked with several big stars, including Madonna (62).

– Xeon was a pioneer for new sound, one of the most influential artists of the last decade. Not only because of his ingenious production and creativity, but also for the message and visibility he achieved. An icon for liberation, it is further stated in the statement.


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Xeon was a transgender person and a great role model for many. The star told about life as a trans person in an interview with Paper Magazine in 2018.

To be trans is to take control to bring your body in line with your soul and spirit – so they no longer fight against each other and struggle to survive. This means that you are not a mother or a father, you are an individual who looks at and feels the world, the deceased artist said at the time.

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Sophie Xeon’s team has previously said that the artist did not want to be described with a personal pronoun.

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The star was born in 1986, and grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and debuted with the single “Nothing More To Say” in 2013. However, he broke through for a wider audience with the song “Bipp” the same year.

In 2018, the artist released his first album “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Inside” – which was nominated for a Grammy in the category of best dance / electronic album. The album garnered very good reviews when it came out.

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