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SP bet takes R $ 500 thousand

According to Lotteries Caixa, the ticket 017619, from the Leão da Sorte lottery unit, located in Pederneiras, São Paulo, earned R $ 500 thousand in the result of Federal Lottery 5534. The draw was held on Saturday night, January 30th. In addition, other tickets also had the combination of dozens awarded and won in the lower value bands.


The award for Federal lottery can be redeemed in two ways. First, if the amount is less than R $ 1,332.78, just go to a lottery to receive the amount. On the other hand, the above amounts can only be handled at a Caixa Branch.

The winner needs to present the personal identification documents as RG e CPF and also the winning ticket in all cases. In addition, it is important to remember that the lottery box prizes have an expiration date of up to 90 days after the result of the draw.

Read more information on how to receive the Lottery prize here.

Next Federal Lottery Draw

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The next draw of the Federal Lottery, contest 5535, will be on February 3, 2021. The draws always start at 7pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The main prize of the sport, drawn in all competitions, is R $ 500 thousand. Bets can be placed up to an hour before the draw.

To compete in the Federal Lottery you need to buy a ticket in the lottery shops or with an accredited street vendor. This ticket already has numbers printed on it and therefore cannot be created with new numbers.

But the player can choose which bet he wants to buy. Tickets are divided into 10 fractions, so they can be purchased in whole or in part.

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In compliance with the guidelines for the prevention of the new coronavirus, public access to Espaço Loterias CAIXA was reduced. The draws are broadcast live daily on television and on the social networks of Lotteries CAIXA (profile @LoteriasCAIXAOficial on Facebook and CAIXA channel on Youtube).


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