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SP government says supplies are ready for shipment

The government of São Paulo informed, through a statement, that the inputs for the production of new doses of CoronaVac are ready to ship from China to Brazil. The forecast is that the material will arrive in São Paulo next Wednesday (3).

According to the government, the 5,400 liters of IFA (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) from biopharmaceutical Sinovac Life Sciences are already at Beijing airport, waiting for the final procedures for boarding.

The Butantan Institute estimate is that the input yields about 8.6 million doses of the immunizer against covid-19. However, the exact number will only be known after the production process.

The shipment of 5.4 thousand liters of IFA was confirmed on January 25 after a delay in clearance because of bureaucratic procedures in China.

The production of vaccines against covid-19 in Butantan has been stopped since January 17, because of the lack of inputs. The institute has not yet confirmed the exact date of resumption of activity, but believes it will need 20 days to release the lot for distribution.


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According to the São Paulo government, the schedule established with the Ministry of Health in relation to CoronaVac has been fulfilled so far with the delivery, last Friday (29), of a batch with 1.8 million doses for the PNI (National Immunization Plan), completing the expected 8.7 million by January 31.

The agreement with the federal government provides for the initial delivery of 46 million. This week, a new contract is expected to be signed for the purchase of an additional 54 million doses of CoronaVac.

The ministry had said it would respond to this arrangement at the end of the first half, but backed down after pressure from governors and mayors.

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Yesterday, the folder said it asked Butantan to send a schedule for delivery of additional doses, in addition to receipts for delivery of the first 6 million doses, before signing the contract.


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