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SP state has record contamination in January

Movement in the central region of Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic
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The state of São Paulo ended January with a record of contamination by Covid-19, with 310,727 new cases.

In the month, one case was recorded every nine seconds, while in August, when there was a peak of contamination, the mark was recorded every 11 seconds.

The acceleration in the rate of contagion led the number of deaths to increase by 6,200 in the first month of the year

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic until January 31, the state had 1,777,368 people infected and 53,034 killed by the disease. Of this total, 1,524,085 are recovered, of which 179,715 were hospitalized and were discharged, according to a survey by the state Health Department.

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The folder also informed that the occupancy rates of ICU beds are 68.4% in Greater São Paulo and 69% in the state. There are currently 12,917 inpatients. Of these, 6,935 are in wards and 5,982 in intensive care units, according to data from 1:30 pm on Sunday.

Today, the 645 municipalities have at least one infected person, 618 with one or more deaths.

Seven regions of the state are in the red phase, the most rigid of the São Paulo Plan, since January 25th. They are: Franca, Barretos, Presidente Prudente, Marília, Bauru, Sorocaba and Taubaté. The others, including the Greater São Paulo region, are in the orange phase.

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