Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Sport Stay home while we watch the Libertadores final

Stay home while we watch the Libertadores final

Bruno Covas is LICENSED from the position of Mayor of São Paulo to treat cancer.

He enacted lockdowns in the city, closed shops, and created several difficulties for citizens.

And yesterday he took a plane and traveled from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, to watch a football game at Maracanã.

Public event, in which the mayor of SP should attend?

No. Final of the Copa Libertadores de América.

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Was Bruno “Cava” Covas going to the game illegal?

I don’t know … It may be, but it has to be investigated, to assert itself.

Was she immoral?

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Certainly. Without a shadow of a doubt.

In fact, as I have been saying for a long time, everything (or almost everything) in our life goes through morals.

Morality is our perception of what is right or wrong, it is our brake against impulses, and it is our compass of behavior towards virtuous archetypes.

There are people who try to break our morals, or make them more flexible, so that we start accepting new values ​​that we would not have accepted before, especially in today’s “postmodern” era and in this “pandemic” world we are in.

This is relativization, which tries to undermine our sense of proportion.

Here, in this episode of Covas going to the Libertadores final, in Maracanã, a beautiful example of what I have been saying all this time.

Bruno Covas, in addition to being immoral, is a hypocrite who disrespects the population of São Paulo.

Friends of São Paulo, see this, and don’t let it go unnoticed.

Make the loudest noise you can with this episode, in São Paulo.

These people must understand that the people will no longer accept the perversion of values ​​in society, as politicians used to do in the past.

  • With more than 10 months of pandemic, “hate media” pretends to ignore articles 137, 138 and 139 of the Constitution

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