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– Strange that I made a mistake – VG

IN MATCH: Markus Bailey lost the duel against Öde Nerdrum and had to leave «Farmen kjendis». Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

After being on ” The Farm Celebrity” for almost a week, Markus Bailey (28) had to leave the farm.


On Sunday, it was ready for this year’s third duel in “Farmen kjendis”, and this time it was Markus Bailey (28) and Öde Nerdrum (25) who had to go out into the fire.

The two competed in sledgehammer, and in the end it was Nerdrum who ran away with the victory.

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– It was power against precision, and precision won, says Bailey to VG.

Bailey, who came in as a challenger the same week, therefore had to say thank you after a short stay on the farm.

– It was awkward, but I think in a way it was perfectly fine. He won honorably, and everyone was so happy on his behalf. So then I thought it was for the best.

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In the match, Bailey wanted to use force to his advantage, but missed the first nail. It bounced several meters away, and he lost time he could not catch up.

LOST: Markus Bailey and Öde Nerdrum competed in sledgehammer. When Bailey missed the first nail, he lost a lot of time. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– It’s weird that I made a mistake, but I did my best. I felt before the match that my nerves were creeping in, and that my competitive instinct was starting to bubble. I was so terribly focused, then I went blind like a rat and missed at first.

Bailey makes no secret of the fact that he had a desire to move on to next week.

– I wanted to go far, learn a lot and become a good farmer. It was awkward when you wanted to continue, but it is not a holiday colony, and it is part of the competition.

Was affected

The atmosphere was good between Bailey and Nerdrum, as well as the other participants, after the duel. During the second giant election, however, it did not go completely painlessly

Influencer Anniken Jørgensen was, among other things, very upset that several of the participants had influenced Bailey to choose Nerdrum.

And Bailey felt affected.

– I get a little hurt now when I hear what Anniken says, that I may have been a little affected by something someone has said, it is also not entirely true. Then I feel stupid and stupid, he said after the election.

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He had heard from several of the other participants that Nerdrum wanted a match, which turned out not to be entirely true.

To VG, Bailey says that he tried to choose from whom he thought he could beat.

– But I had not had such good contact with everyone, so I tried to listen a bit to hear what others recommended, he says and adds:

– The fact that others said he wanted a match made the choice easier. But I don’t think anyone said that to be mean to him, but that they had interpreted it that way.

– What do you think about the fact that you were chosen as the first champion the same week as you entered the farm then?

– It was a tactical choice because it did not create a bad mood, and I understand that.

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Had one particular goal

Bailey says he is not left with any kind of bitter feeling.

– It was so nice, and I never felt anything wrong. Everyone was kind and welcomed me, it is also natural that you become an outsider who challenges.

But he says there was one thing in particular that was a little sour, as a result of the short stay.

– My goal was that I should lose weight. I wanted to come home and say “see how thin I have become”, but I never managed. I might have gotten a little bigger biceps, he laughs.

FRIENDS: There was a good tone between Bailey and Nerdrum after the duel. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

And despite a short stay, it did not stop him from making new friends.

– I have met several people afterwards and it is very nice. It’s a good tone, and I got along pretty well with everyone. Others had intrigues, while I came in and went out quickly again.


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