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Suspense Small Traces surprises at US box office

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The suspense ” The Little Things” surprised the expectations of the market when it opened in theaters in the USA and Canada with a turnover higher than the average that other films had been registering in the last weeks of the pandemic. The launch of Warner Bros. made almost $ 5 million, in a period when the $ 4 million box office became a ceiling.

The most surprising thing, however, is that the film made this amount even though it was released simultaneously on HBO Max – like “Wonder Woman 1984” before him. Despite being available for those who wanted to watch it at home, the feature “filled” about 45% of the cinematic circuit that remains open in North America with capacity restrictions.

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And there is one more detail: “Os Pequenos Vestígios” is rated “R”. That is, it is prohibited for minors. It is not a film for teenagers, until then considered the main target audience of cinemas.

In all, the film made an estimated $ 4.8 million between Friday and Sunday (1/31), the best debut performance for an adult film since the pandemic began in the U.S. He hit “Uncontrollable Fury” with Russell Crowe ($ 4 million opening), “One of Us” with Kevin Costner (also $ 4 million), “Explosive Legacy” and “Na Mira do Perigo”, both with Liam Neeson (with $ 4.1 million and $ 3.1 million respectively), and “Stories of the World, with Tom Hanks ($ 2.25 million).

Launched in 20 other countries, ” The Little Traces” earned an additional $ 7.8 million in the international market to reach $ 12.6 million in its first weekend of world exhibition.

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The interest in the film is mainly due to its starred cast, which includes three Oscar winners, Denzel Washington (“Training Day”), Rami Malek (“Bohemian Rhapsody”) and Jared Leto (“Dallas Buying Club”) . The first two live in law enforcement, while the last is suspected of being a serial killer.

But is success reflected in HBO Max as well? The platform does not open numbers. However, Andy Forssell, vice president and general director of HBO Max boasted in a statement: “We are absolutely thrilled with the way Warner Bros. ‘ The Little Traces’ is performing on HBO Max – immediately moved up to No. 1 [como título mais visto do serviço], where it currently remains. After the great success of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, ‘ The Little Vestiges’ shows the insatiable appetite that our audience has for high quality feature films. “

According to the critic, Forssell is wrong. Despite the box office performance and the gathering of a strong cast, the film written and directed by John Lee Hancock (“Road Without Law”) is not of “high quality”. He was considered mediocre, with only 42% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. The public thought it was 63% good – or a B movie – in CinemaScore’s survey, the lowest rating ever achieved by a criminal film by Denzel Washington (considering ” The Protector” as the highest score).

The debut in Brazil was also scheduled for this weekend, but after the restrictions established in São Paulo it was postponed to March 11. Check out a new video behind the scenes of the production below.

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