Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home World Teacher arrested for having sex with student who is only 15

Teacher arrested for having sex with student who is only 15

Teacher was arrested for having sex with 15-year-old student – Reproduction Facebook

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A 35-year-old teacher was sentenced to five years in prison for having sex and exchanging erotic messages with a 15-year-old student. The case happened in England and the information is from the tabloid The Sun.

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Kandice Barber, who is married and the mother of three, reportedly started exchanging messages with the teenager at least two years ago. In February 2020, she reportedly picked up the student by car from her home and drove to a thicket, where they had sex for the first time – out of a total of three. She would also have threatened to accuse him of rape if he told anyone.

The boy, however, showed the photo and bragged to friends. “I ate her,” he would have said.

Kandice was arrested for the first time in March 2020, after her nudes leaked through the school. At the time, the two denied that the photos were sent to him and also denied having had any kind of relationship. She was released on bail and responded free.

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In messages obtained by the Justice, it was revealed that she even sent messages to the teenager even during classes. “You can’t make me red like this while I’m teaching, silly,” she wrote. In another message, she asks if the young man prefers “chest or butt”.



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