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Technological wages to soar in 2021

It is one of the few sectors in countercycling economic. In information technologies (TI), the scarcity of available talent, still far below demand, continues to stir up wage ranges in Portugal.

By the numbers of the consultant Robert Walters, the salary the professions the TI continue to rise this year, a trend that has been visible over the past few years. There are three technological profiles highlighted in 2021: data & analytics manager, DevOps engineer e cyber security manager. The consultant’s figures are the result of an annual survey, which establishes annual salary ranges, divided by years of experience (between two and five years, five and ten years and ten or more years of experience). Due to the novelty of any of these professions on the market, the area of ​​ten or more years of experience does not always exist.

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For this year, specifically among the three most sought after profiles, the best remunerations at the beginning of their career belong to data & analytics managers, with a salary range between 65 thousand and 80 thousand euros annually. After all, remuneration These professionals’ monthly fees may exceed 5700 euros, at the maximum point of the interval. Last year, the range was between 68 and 70 thousand euros per year (2 to 5 years of experience).

Between five and ten years of experience, the annual remuneration of a data & analytics manager varies between 90 and 100 thousand euros per year. In the best possible scenario, with the division for 14 months, the highest salary for this type of experience will exceed 7100 euros. Compared to 2020, the salary range increased by ten thousand euros.

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In the case of DevOps engineer, between two and five years of experience, the maximum ceiling has risen by five thousand euros compared to 2020, now standing between 50 and 60 thousand euros. Up to ten years of experience, this type of professional can earn between 70 and 85 thousand euros.

The monthly remuneration will be around six thousand euros per month, the maximum end of the interval.


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