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THE BALL – Abel Ferreira remembers distance from his family and gets emotional (video) (Libertadores)

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Abel Ferreira spoke for half an hour after winning the Libertadores Cup with Palmeiras, who beat Santos 1-0 in the final. He laughed, spoke seriously, thanked many people, from the President of the Republic to Sporting to SC Braga, to PAOK. But there was a time when he was moved, when he stressed that to be a good coach, to bet on your career, it is the family that is left behind – you are alone in São Paulo.

«Nobody wins alone in football. Nobody wins alone. I asked to come here, for this project, this challenge. I can’t have the best of both worlds. Now I am much better coach, but I am worse uncle, worse brother, worse father, worse husband, because I left my family there. I lose all this. I cry on my pillow … for not being with my daughters. I didn’t cry just a little at the end of the game, I cried a lot. You don’t know how much I cried for homesickness. I left the field so nobody could see how much I was crying. I love my daughters and wife, but I crossed the Atlantic ”, he commented.

The coach also spoke of the first thoughts he had when the game was over: « The first thing I remembered was the family and the 2011 title with the Sporting juniors. I thank all the players I coached, especially those. I can’t forget team B from Sporting, B from Braga, A from Braga. Why not talk about the president of SC Braga, never in history did SC Braga bet on a training coach. I have to talk about the owner of PAOK, who paid me a fortune to go there without any title and who sold me, because I asked him to let me come. »

The family’s distance will remain, because in addition to the impositions caused by Covid-19, Palmeiras will now be involved in the Club World Cup. The team has already returned to São Paulo (plays Tuesday with Botafogo) and next week embarks for Qatar, where it will play Saturday against Tigres or Ulsan.

See below the emotional moment of the Portuguese coach:

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