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THE BALL – Debuting Black Bulls first isolated commander (Mozambique)

Contrary to the also new primedivisionaires Matchedje de Mocuba and Ferroviário de Lichinga, in a staggering situation, the Black Bulls Association is in full swing at the 1st Division Mozambican Football Championship.

On the third round, the formation trained by the Portuguese Hélder Duarte is the only undefeated team, with nine points, after this Sunday, they went to the city of Quelimane to defeat the military in the economic capital of Zambézia 2-1.

With a very well structured football, a cohesive team and a lethal attack, the “bulls” were the owners and lords of the events, dominating the opponent and adding the second victory away from home, with goals from Melck and Xirasse.

The champion Costa do Sol, after the false entry in Chiveve, is, it seems, setting the pace. On their trip to the northern capital, the Portuguese canaries from Horácio Gonçalves won by an unanswered ball, Abel’s goal, in the 64th minute, in quite difficult terrain.

In good progress are also Incomáti de Xinavane and ENH de Vilankulo, with the particularity of being true scorers. The sugar bowls received and won the Ferroviário de Lichinga 3-0 and the hydrocarbons defeated, in Alto Macassa, the Textáfrica do Chimoio also by three unanswered balls, relegating the Soalpo factories to the last position of the classification table without any points.

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In Songo, there was a great football match, involving União Desportiva e Desportivo de Maputo, which ended in a 2-2 draw, with the black-and-white players disagreed with the result, because of their best football during the 90 minutes , well deserved another luck.

Another high level match took place in Matola, between Liga Desportiva de Maputo and Ferroviário da Beira, with Ali Hassan’s team winning even when they fell 2-1, thus stopping the victorious career that had characterized the Chiveve group. This game was directed by a female trio, with Ema Paulo Novo at the head, assisted by Roda Mondlane and Olinda Augusto.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, at the start of the third round of Mozambique, the Ferroviário de Maputo, in the middle of Machava Stadium, was tied (0-0) with its namesake of Nacala, in a match in which he completely dominated, however , extremely wasteful.

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Results of the 3rd round:

Railway from Nampula-Costa do Sol 0-1

Maputo-Desportivo UD of Maputo 2-2

Matchedje de Mocuba-Black Bulls                                       1-2

Ferroviário de Maputo-Ferroviáro de Nacala 0-0

ENL of Vilankulo-Textáfrica do Chimoio 3-0

Incomáti de Xinavane-Ferroviário de Lichinga 3-0

Maputo-Ferroviário da Beira Sports League 2-1

Classification: Black Bulls nine points; Costa do Sol, Beira Railway, Incomáti and Vilankulo six ENH; Ferroviário de Maputo and UD Songo five; Nacala Railway Four; Ferroviário de Nampula, Ferroviário de Lichinga and Liga Desportiva de Maputo three; Maputo sports car two; Matchedje de Mocuba one; and Textáfrica do Chimoio zero point.


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