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The best browsers of 2021. Chrome is losing gas!

Whether you prefer to browse the Internet from your PC or smartphone, there is something that simply cannot fail … A Web Browser! That said, the world of browsers changed a lot in 2020, especially when we put the latest versions of Edge and Firefox on the table.

So, forgetting the most popular browsers, we also have some alternatives that bet everything they have on protecting user privacy, as is the case with Brave! In short, Chrome is no longer the number one choice for many users.

Let’s see why?

Do you know which are the best browsers in 2021? Chrome crashed!

So, by default, if you happen to have an Android smartphone, it is very likely that you have Google Chrome installed. However, if you have a Windows PC, chances are you have the new Edge that already has the Chromium engine, and of course, if you happen to have a Mac computer or have an iPhone in hand, your browser of choice is most likely Safari .

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However, there is no lack of alternatives in the market, whatever the truth, they deserve some consideration.


Web Browser Why school?
Google Chrome Very fast, synchronization between multiple devices
Mozilla Firefox Open-source, reliable
Microsoft Edge Good choice for Windows 10
Opera Free VPN
Brave Browser Focused on privacy, Tor included
Chromium Alternativa ao Chrome, Open-Source
Vivaldi Alternative to Opera
Torch Browser Excellent for consumption of multimedia content
Maxthon Full of useful features

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome hit the market in 2009, and quickly began to win the hearts of users, throwing Firefox into second place. Why? It’s simple, it was super fast!

Nowadays, it continues to be extremely fast, although it is also reputed to be a ‘RAM’ memory eater. In addition, it is also a very balanced solution, which is good at everything and not bad at all. Interestingly, we still have the sync cross device, which is simply a must if you have an Android smartphone.

2. Mozilla Firefox – Best alternative

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The recent Firefox Quantum is a completely redesigned browser, made from scratch, to try to face Google’s Chrome. It is extremely fast, to the point of being able to steal some users from rival browsers.

However, in addition to all this, it blocks mining scripts, prevents tracking, and brings some new features like the new picture-in-picture.

3. Microsoft Edge Chromium – Best browser for Windows 10?

In short, Edge is the successor to the old and famous Internet Explorer! However, the latest versions are quite different from the old browser, after all, the engine that gives life to this software is the same that gives rise to Google Chrome.

Therefore, the new Edge is capable of supporting all Chrome extensions, and is also extremely fast. In addition, whether you like it or not, it is the browser that best combines with Windows 10.

4. Opera – Browser against cryptojacking, which also bets on a Free VPN

First of all, Opera is almost as old as Firefox, being a software that has been able to evolve all these years, without ever losing its shine.

However, in any version of the browser, we have features such as data saving and battery saving. In addition, we have ad-blocker included, screenshot tool, mining prevention, VPN, currency converter, etc…

In addition, Opera also uses the Chromium engine.

5. Brave web browser – Tor!

Brave is a browser that is gaining a lot of popularity, however, it seems not yet to reach the masses … Something that could change in 2021, with the renewed concern of users regarding their privacy.

Thus, we are talking about software developed by the creator of JavaScript, which, interestingly, has a “Pay-to-Surf” model that promises to share the project’s revenues with users. (70% of advertising revenue has been promised!)

In addition to all this, we are talking about a browser that integrates Tor in private browsing, to ensure even more privacy.


It is worthwhile to test one of the browsers outside the realm of the two giants Chrome and Edge, since there is even a big bet on this type of software. Your privacy is especially valued.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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