Sunday, March 7, 2021
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The fire in the village extinguished everything. Marianne Rode has struggled to find peace in a new house.

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One month has passed since the landslide disaster in Gjerdrum. Ten people have died, many have lost their homes and everything they owned.

Very many have to start anew with their lives and homes.

Psychologist Atle Dyregrov has met many people who have lost everything. In fire, landslide, earthquake. Natural forces or malicious, human forces. For a while, the reactions follow the same pattern: First comes the shock. So what many describe as unreality.

«As in a movie», they often say. Did this happen?

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As reality sinks in, the pattern becomes more blurred. A “panorama of reactions” may come, according to Dyregrov.

Those who have lost someone are naturally most affected. They can wear out over a long period of time. Survivors who were in danger, and who were torn between wanting to help and get to safety, may struggle with self-blame in retrospect: “Should I run over to the neighbor and try to save him or her?”

At the other end of the scale we also find a part that does not react much at all. Something that often surprises both themselves and the surrounding environment. But even this is completely normal.

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A-magasinet has spoken to victims of previous natural disasters and major fires in Norway. They saved their lives but lost the house. The story of a life they had created within four walls and a roof was swallowed up by the forces of nature.

How to cast a new foundation? How do you build yourself from scratch?

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