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The humiliating “shut up” of the Indian ambassador to William Bonner (see video)

In a melancholy editorial, the editor of Jornal Nacional, William Bonner, said in a funeral and terrifying tone, that the president, Jair Bolsonaro, and his minister, Ernesto Araújo, had undermined relations with China and India.

“Right now, Brazil depends on India to receive vaccines, and it depends on China to receive raw material for vaccines. It is not a comfortable situation because of the course that the Bolsonaro government has given to our diplomacy, ”said Bonner.

The crisis propagated by Rede Globo was immediately denied by the Brazilian chancellor.

What we saw in the sequence is that everything was just another low-level attack by the station.

Everything worked out. Brazil got the inputs and vaccines.

President Jair Bolsonaro did not forgive:

“I wanted to tell William Bonner that we got supplies from China, in addition to vaccines from India. He said that we didn’t have … that relations were strained. William Bonner, you are still a shameless person, without a word, okay ok? “shot Bolsonaro.

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Globo once again lost and left the clash even more discredited.

However, the worst for Bonner and Globo was yet to come …

This Friday (29), the ambassador of India to Brazil, Suresh Reddy, praised on social networks the partnership between the two countries, which, in his view, will be “one of the definers of this century”.

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In other words, he told Bonner to shut up.

See the video:

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