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The ten most expensive consoles at launch in Brazil | Video game

In 2006, those who went after the long-awaited PlayStation 3 (PS3) in Brazil needed to pay an amount that today is equivalent to R $ 16 thousand, which makes the old Sony platform the most expensive console ever launched in the national market. In addition to the PS3, other video games have also arrived here at very steep prices, as are the cases of Xbox 360 (today, for the equivalent of R $ 6,409) or even the PlayStation 2 (PS2), which currently would be R $ 6,665 in its window. Of launching. See, below, the list we have prepared with the most expensive consoles in the Brazilian market.

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By conversion, PS3 is the most expensive console ever sold in Brazil – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

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Before detailing each video game and its prices, it is worth noting that, in our methodology, we consider the price adjusted for the accumulated inflation of each model for this list. For example: the nominal value of the launch of Sega Saturn in Brazil, in 1995, was R $ 899. However, considering the accumulated inflation for the period up to December 2020, this price would be equivalent to the current R $ 4,240 – almost a PlayStation 5 (PS5), therefore. The calculations of the corrected values ​​were performed using the IBGE inflation calculator.

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2013: Nintendo Wii U – R $ 1.899 (R $ 2.808)

The successor to the Nintendo Wii hit the Brazilian market in December 2013, betting on continuity in the revolutionary motion controls of its predecessor. In addition, there was what would be the origin of the Nintendo Switch: a huge control in tablet format, designed so that you could enjoy your games even far from the console and the TV.

Nintendo Wii U was far from the success of its predecessor – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

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The official debut of the Wii U in the Brazilian market accompanied the arrival of its great rivals in the market, PlayStation (PS4) and Xbox One, for R $ 1,899 (R $ 2,808, with the correction of accumulated inflation until December 2020). Its price would soon prove to be quite competitive against rivals, but it was still insufficient to make the Wii U a national preference.

1999: Sega Dreamcast – R$ 899 (R$ 3.243)

Dreamcast officially arrived on the Brazilian market in September 1999, for R $ 899, a value that, corrected by accumulated inflation, today is equivalent to R $ 3,243 today. Innovative, the Sega console was ahead of its time, offering connectivity for online games, an internal architecture that lent more PC technology than its rivals and a more interactive control.

Despite a short time in the market, Dreamcast would be the stage for classics, such as Shenmue – Photo: Reproduction / Geek

Game piracy facilitated, Sega’s strategic mistakes and the heavy competition from the PlayStation 2, which would arrive the following year as “the cheapest DVD player on the market”, ended up cutting the console’s life. It lasted 18 months in the market and, unfortunately, it was far from reaching its full potential.

2013: Xbox One – R$ 2.200 (R$ 3.253)

The Xbox One arrived in Brazil in November 2013 with the price of R $ 2,200, which just did not cause as much reaction as that of the great rival, the PS4, launched in the same month, for R $ 4 thousand, almost double. Microsoft was able to introduce its console at a lower price because it nationalized Xbox manufacturing, a move Sony would take in the future.

More expensive than PS4 abroad, Xbox One arrived in Brazil cheaper than its rival – Photo: Disclosure / Xbox

Relatively successful on the market, the Microsoft platform ended up suffering from a policy-driven launch that ended up driving Xbox 360 fans away. In addition, there was a cycle with less emphasis on major exclusives, which, on the other hand, would mark significantly the PS4 catalog.

1995: Sega Staurn – R $ 899 (R $ 4,240)

Successor to Mega Drive, well loved in Brazil, Saturn debuted in the Brazilian market in September 1995, nationalized by TecToy. As well as abroad, the console would be marked by a very high launch price: in the domestic market, Sega’s 32-bit console would sell for R $ 899 (R $ 4,240, applying inflationary correction).

Sega Saturn arrived at a high price to the Brazilian market – Photo: Disclosure / Sega

Far from being a bad product, Saturn ended up being compromised by the fact that its big opponent, the PlayStation, was much cheaper. In addition, it was easier to develop games for the Sony platform, which also brought a friendlier architecture with 3D games, a trend that would become a fever and compromise Saturn and its design adjusted to 2D games.

2013: PlayStation 4 – R$ 3.999 (R$ 4.436)

The announcement of the launch price of the PlayStation 4 in the Brazilian market provoked a lot of reaction: at R $ 4 thousand, Sony’s product was much more expensive than the Xbox One, its great rival. The Brazilian PS4 price needs to be taken into account, since independent importers of the so-called gray market were able to market the console for R $ 1,800

PS4 at R $ 4,000 surprised consumers in 2013 – Photo: Matheus Vasconcellos / TechTudo

The reaction was so great to the official value that Sony produced a document detailing the entire spreadsheet of the console, fragmenting taxes and fees that applied to the product then imported and susceptible to the variation of the dollar. In the end, Sony would start manufacturing the PS4 in Manaus in 2015, thus reducing prices.

2020: Xbox Series X – R$ 4.599

The new generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft debuted last year, and the Xbox Series X was launched in the national market for R $ 4,999, but had its price reduced after a tax cut, which lowered the value by R $ 400 The Series X is, in technical terms, the most powerful console ever made and competes for space with the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

Microsoft’s powerful console is far from the most expensive in Brazil – Photo: Reproduction / Murilo Molina

The Microsoft platform has a 1 TB capacity SSD, in addition to simplified space expansion with SSD sold separately. The console, compatible with games from all generations of Xbox, promises games with graphics up to 8K, 120 FPS and hardware acceleration support via ray tracing effects.

2020: PlayStation 5 – R$ 4.699

The PS5 also landed on the Brazilian market in November 2020 and, as with the Series X, it was announced for R $ 4,999 and also received a cut of R $ 300. Rival of the Series X, the console bet on a more flashy, with liquid metal cooling system and innovative control.

PlayStation 5, with disc player, costs R $ 4,699 in the Brazilian market – Photo: Filipe Garrett / TechTudo

The new PlayStation is compatible with almost all games released for PS4 and has been receiving exclusive releases, such as Demon’s Souls and Spider Man: Miles Morales. Like the Xbox, the PS5 has a high-speed internal SSD and supports 8K and 120 FPS, as well as specialized hardware for ray tracing.

2006: Nintendo Wii – R $ 2,399 (R $ 5,125)

Nintendo Wii officially launched in Brazil in December 2006, just 15 days after its arrival on the international market. The Nintendo console would mark a great success for the Japanese brand for betting on more casual players, reaching the mark of more than 100 million units sold worldwide.

Corrected value of the Wii is even higher than the prices of PS5 and Series X – Photo: Disclosure / Nintendo

The product landed in the national territory for R $ 2,399, which translates to R $ 5,125, considering the inflation for the period. In practice, therefore, the Nintendo Wii was launched costing even more than the recent and powerful PS5 and Xbox Series X.

2006: Xbox 360 – R$ 2.999 (R$ 6.409)

Like the Wii, the Xbox 360 was launched on the national market in 2006 for a very high price: R $ 2,999 (R $ 6,409, considering inflation). The 360 ​​was a luxury item for gamers who wanted to try the platform that would easily outperform their PS3, their great rival, over the next few years.

Xbox 360, like the PS3, arrived at a high price in Brazil – Photo: Disclosure / Microsoft

The Xbox’s success, despite the price, could be explained by the Xbox Live online service, which was way ahead of what Sony would offer with the PS3. In addition, it would also have a stable cycle of game releases that always ran with higher quality on Xbox than on PlayStation.

Panasonic 3DO – R$ 1 mil (R$ 6.486)

3DO, in its various incarnations (several different manufacturers had a license to manufacture the platform) would arrive in Brazil in January 1994. Its prices were not at all unfriendly. Cheaper versions of the platform, which innovated with the offer of CDs and the promise of 32-bit technology, had prices starting at US $ 1,000 in the national market, while more expensive models, such as the infamous Philips CD-I, came out for US $ 1,500.

Panasonic 3DO was futuristic, with 32 bits and CDs, but it was expensive – Photo: Reproduction / Wikimedia

Considering only the cheapest models, the Brazilian 3DO would cost around R $ 6,486 if launched today, a price that is almost 40% higher than what Sony and Microsoft charge for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X. Despite the innovations and the advanced hardware for the time, 3DO would become a huge commercial failure.

2000: PlayStation 2 – R $ 2 thousand (R $ 6.665)

The PlayStation 2 was launched worldwide in November 2000 and reached that window in the Brazilian market with prices that ranged in the range of R $ 2 thousand, which correspond to about R $ 6,665 in cash from 2020, taking into account inflation. Long awaited, the PS2 was the successor of the PS1, a huge commercial success and that, even more, still reproduced DVDs, technology that was a great novelty for the time.

Extremely successful, the PS2 would only be officially launched in Brazil in 2009 – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

However, it must be remembered that the launch of the PlayStation 2 in Brazil would only occur in 2009, when Sony brought the platform officially to the national market. At that time, the PS2 would be R $ 799 (R $ 1,483, taking into account inflation) – a value that, at that time, was up to R $ 300 (R $ 525) higher than that practiced in the gray market.

2006: PlayStation 3 – R$ 7.890 (R$ 16.857)

Whoever was looking for the PS3 at launch had a scare: the Sony console came to be sold in Brazil for R $ 7,890 in November 2006. Converting this amount to current values, it is possible to say that, if it were released today, the PS3 would cost R $ 16,857.

PlayStation 3 would cost the equivalent of R $ 16,857, if it were released today – Photo: Disclosure / Sony

As with the PS3, the PS3 would only be officially launched in Brazil a few years later. The console would only reach the national market in August 2010 for R $ 1,999 (R $ 3,572, with accumulated inflation).

With information from IBGE, GameRant and InputMag

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