Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home Sport Turkish bid of 25 million for Junker - VG

Turkish bid of 25 million for Junker – VG

TOP SCORER: Kasper Junker scored 27 goals in 25 games in the Elite Series last season. Photo: Mats Torbergsen

Kasper Junker (26) may be on his way to Turkey.


According to VG’s information, it has ticked in a significant bid from the Turkish club Kayserispor, which is in 17th place in the Süper Lig.

The offer will have a total budget of around NOK 25 million, but the offer will consist of several installments over time.

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As VG understands it, Bodø / Glimt has not yet responded to the offer.

VG has tried to get in touch with general manager Frode Thomassen, but he has not responded to the inquiries.

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Nor does Junker’s agent Christian Bysted.

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Frustrated Kasper Junker: – Glimpses do not live up to their promise

Junker went out in VG this week and criticized Bodø / Glimt for rejecting a bid from the Italian Serie A club Crotone.

– The agreement was that I would come to Bodø, get my potential out, and then I would move on. They said that “if you score 20 goals, we will send you off”. I scored 27 goals. It was because of that promise that I found Glimt interesting. I was going to up, deliver, boom, then it’s on. It has been almost my whole motivation to do so well. Now I think “damn, how do I motivate myself for next season if it’s just empty words?”, Junker told VG.

Crotone withdrew interest in Junker after Bodø / Glimt allegedly rejected at least three bids where the total limit was around NOK 15 million.

The international transfer window closes on Monday night.

VG is aware that Junker took a Covid-19 test at Bodø airport on Saturday. To travel to, for example, Turkey, documentation for a negative test is required.

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