Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Understand why it is not possible for the Palmeiras fan to travel to Qatar for the Club World Cup | palm trees

After winning the Libertadores, the desire of many Palmeiras fans now is to accompany the team in the Club World Cup, in Qatar. This, however, is an almost impossible task, since there are countless restrictions that prevent entry into the country.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, visas for tourists are suspended. In other words, nobody enters the country for a walk (which would be the case for those who would accompany the World Cup).

To gain access to Qatar at this time, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements imposed by local authorities. Only residents and people who have a special mission in the country are allowed entry.

Thus, the visa and the special entry permit (two necessary documents) must be “funded” by some local official agency. It is also necessary to present a negative Covid-19 test with a maximum validity of 48 hours.

All of these rules apply to people who are in any country. In other words, the fact of trying to arrive from somewhere other than Brazil does not change these restrictions.

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It is worth mentioning that the control over this documentation is very strict and already begins at the airport of origin of the trip. In Doha, it becomes even more rigorous, with these bureaucracies being checked at various times. It is only possible to follow if everything is 100% within the required.

City of Doha, Qatar, where the World Cup will be played – Photo: Fabricio Crepaldi

People who gain the right to enter Qatar (such as journalists covering the World Cup) must also comply with certain protocols upon arrival.

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The main thing is to do a seven-day quarantine at a hotel appointed by the local government. You can only travel if you show the official government reservation for that accommodation. The period must be completed 100% within the room, including meals.

With this measure, there would no longer be enough time for a Palmeiras fan to watch the semifinal game, scheduled for the 7th, at the stadium, due to the quarantine period.

Stadium restrictions

In addition to all the rules imposed by the government for entering the country, there are also some directly related to the World Cup.

Tickets went on sale to fill 30% of the stadiums’ capacity – about 12,000 people. However, tickets are only sold to people who live in Qatar.

In addition, to enter the stadium there is an obligation to present the vaccination protocol against Covid-19 with at least seven days of validity or else proof that you contracted the disease after the 1st of October.

Whoever does not fit into this group, must present a negative test carried out up to 72 hours before the start of the match.

In addition, there is an application from the government of Qatar installed on everyone’s cell phones, including those working at the site, which monitors the situation of Covid-19 in the country. Only with “green” status will you be able to access the stadium for games.

Inside the stadiums there will be temperature control, in addition to the mandatory use of masks and social distance between the fans. Palmeiras’ first game will be on the 7th, against the winner of the duel between Tigres, from Mexico, and Ulsan, from Korea.

At the moment, the situation in Qatar is calm in relation to the coronavirus, compared to other countries. 363 new cases had been registered in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 248 deaths.


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