Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Using multiple Android apps on Windows 10 is already possible but not for everyone

Microsoft has invested heavily in integrating Android into Windows 10. They want to have a transparent way of using Google’s system, without any hindrance, including apps and all its features.

This integration already exists and can be used by everyone, even without everything that was expected. A new step has been taken and even several apps can already be used on this system in Windows 10. Unfortunately there is an important limitation and it is not yet for everyone.

More connection between Android and Windows 10

Who uses Windows 10 and Android already has a unique tool at hand. You can now dispense with the smartphone and see its entire interface directly on the desktop, having access to notifications, messages and even images. Calls are also present and fully integrated.

The next step is even the use of Android apps in Windows 10, completely closing the use of the smartphone. This goal is already a reality, but limited to one app at a time. Important, but still very limited.

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Android Windows 10 Microsoft apps smartphone

Microsoft has its plans in motion

Microsoft had already revealed that it would extend this capability to multiple apps at the same time. He presented this novelty in an exclusive with Samsung, although having a long test phase ahead of him and that would improve this capacity.

Because this seems to have finally ended and everyone can already use several Android apps on Windows 10. This is gradually being extended, always depending on the Your Phone app on Android and its version dedicated to the desktop, with the same name.

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Android Windows 10 Microsoft apps smartphone

Limited to just a few smartphones

Unfortunately, for now, this feature is limited to one manufacturer and a set of smartphones. We speak clearly of Samsung and its still limited list of devices that support this new feature dedicated to Windows 10.

It remains to be seen when Microsoft will extend this capability to the rest of Android smartphones. Windows 10 support exists and so it will only be a matter of time before it is really available to everyone and without any limitations.


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