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Vaccination: Ferro Rodrigues surprised by corrections in the list of PSD deputies

The office of the President of the Assembly of the Republic, Ferro Rodrigues, was taken by surprise this Sunday by the decision of 12 deputies not to be vaccinated against the covid-19, parliamentary sources told Lusa.

Now, the list that had been sent by Ferro Rodrigues to the Prime Minister, António Costa, with the names of those who will be vaccinated will have to be corrected and reduced, from 50 to 38, a source from the office of the President of the Assembly confirmed to Lusa. of the Republic.

The criteria for the list of deputies to be vaccinated were discussed by Ferro Rodrigues at the leaders’ conference on Thursday, in which he asked for a “vote of confidence” for the choice, with the deadline for the end of Friday’s plenary being given. for parliamentary groups to report that they did not accept to appear.

“It is a vaccination process whose choice of recipients is not exactly easy, Mr. President [da Assembleia da República] asked for a vote of confidence to prepare an answer to the Prime Minister that will be given tomorrow [sexta-feira]”, The spokeswoman for the conference of leaders, deputy Maria da Luz Rosinha, told reporters, after leaving the meeting, in parliament.

With the application of the criteria, the list included, in a total of 50 people, the President and vice-presidents of the Assembly, parliamentary leaders, presidents of parliamentary committees, members of the Board of Directors of the Assembly and the members of the Permanent Commission, which replaces the plenary in certain cases.

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No parliamentary employee was included.

At the leaders’ conference, several vice-presidents, such as Fernando Negrão (PSD) and José Manuel Pureza (BE), immediately asked to be excluded, according to parliamentary sources heard by Lusa.

Then, publicly, the PCP indicated their two names (António Filipe, vice-president, and Ana Mesquita, secretary of the table) and the blockers announced that their deputies would stay out of this phase.

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Hours later, the online newspaper Observador reported the list of names, which included the president of the PSD and leader of the largest opposition party, Rui Rio, afterwards recording the positions of several deputies who, respecting criteria, did not want to be vaccinated in this phase that begins next week, among them Pedro Roque, for example.

This Sunday, the PSD released a statement announcing that 12 deputies do not want to be included on the list, which took the Assembly’s presidency by surprise, sources told Ferro Rodrigues’ office told Lusa.

The list of those who gave up the vaccine at this stage for priority groups includes the PSD president, Rui Rio.

The holders of sovereign bodies, deputies of the Assembly of the Republic, members of the organs of the autonomous regions and mayors, while responsible for civil protection, will start to be vaccinated next week, a process initiated by the prime minister, who asked the sovereign bodies “priorities for inoculation” in each service.


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