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Vaccine-freezer went on strike and 1600 doses were on their way to the rubbish bin

The queue outside UW Medical Center in Seattle in the state of Washington, stretched several hundred meters until Friday night. Hundreds of hopefuls had turned up in an attempt to secure the coronary vaccine.

When the freezer where the corona vaccines of the Moderna type were stored was thanked for itself on Thursday night, health personnel, fire brigade and volunteers were called in to get as many syringes as possible organized and carried out before the temperature of the vaccines became too high.

A total of 1,600 vaccines were at risk of going straight into the rubbish bin if they were not used immediately.

Race with time

“I was notified that the freezer was broken at nine o’clock on Thursday night, and I was asked if I could help vaccinate people before the doses expired at half past five on Friday morning,” Jenny Bracket told the Seattle Times newspaper.

She works at the hospital, and was one of many who were there through the night to vaccinate as many as possible. Her task this night was to find people in the queue outside, who would get the valuable drops injected into the upper arm.

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– Is there anyone here who is over 65 years old?

– There is one here, there is one here, it is shouted from the queue, the newspaper writes.

Then an elderly woman steps out of the queue and Bracket hands over a vaccine ticket. But not everyone who showed up was over 65, so several hopefuls were nicely forced to go home without having been vaccinated.

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QUEUE: Many had turned up in the hope of being vaccinated. Photo: David Ryder / AFP / NTB

People flocked to the middle of the night

President of the public hospitals in Washington, Cassie Sauer tells the newspaper that they had a bad time and that it was already late at night when the freezer was destroyed.

– It was quickly decided that the vaccines had to be used and administered, says Sauer.

Sheep also assured that those who received vaccine dose number one on Friday, will also receive vaccine dose two on time.

“Everyone who has received the vaccine during the night will also receive the second dose on time, regardless of age,” said Sauer.

KORONA: Hundreds were quickly vaccinated Friday night in Seattle.

KORONA: Hundreds were quickly vaccinated Friday night in Seattle. Photo: Evan Bush / AFP / NTB

Several local health clinics were asked if they could contribute to getting vaccinated, and those in the risk groups should be given priority.

One of the clinics that was asked to contribute was the Swedish Medical Center. They posted a message on twitter where they wrote that they had 588 vaccine doses available, but that it was urgent. The evening news on the local TV channel was also announced that they needed people to be vaccinated this night.

In an hour and a half, they had found people for each of the vaccine doses.

Then the work of vaccinating began, and in the middle of the night people flocked to the clinic. A little over 03.00 on Friday night local time, all the vaccine doses were set at the health center.

Has not always gone well

Although they managed to use up the 1,600 vaccine doses that were in danger of being destroyed on Friday, they have not always been as lucky with the vaccine handling in Seattle.

Figures from 26 January show that a total of 2315 vaccine doses have been wasted in the state.


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