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Wall day has criticisms of Juliette and Lunch of the Angel

The day of wall formation started agitated at the home of “BBB 21” with more criticism of Juliette and the lunch of the angel, who this week is the singer Rodolffo. The countryman invited Caio and Arcrebiano and the meeting yielded declarations and tears by the artist. In addition, changes in the darling meter and advice marked the day in the confinement.

The singer Anitta showed interest in one of the participants of “BBB 21”, the crossfit instructor Arthur Picoli.

In a video of Arthur fighting with Lucas after the last reality party posted on a gossip profile on Instagram, the singer commented: “How horny”

Later, the singer sent a message to her brother on his Instagram Stories. “If I’m still single when you leave the house, you send me a DM,” she said.

Difficult childhood

Recently, in conversation with Nego Di at “BBB 21”, Gilberto revealed that his father is a drug addict. His mother, Jacira, confirmed the information for the newspaper O Globo, and recalled how the aggressive behavior of the former partner affected the economist.

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“I suffered domestic violence from his father and I even had to flee to São Paulo for a while to escape. At that time, Gilberto was four years old and lived with my mother-in-law. His father thought that he (Gilberto) was not his son because of the fact that he was born lighter. With that, he was also beaten and suffered persecution “, said the mother of the” BBB 21 “participant to Patrícia Kogut’s column.

Carla looks for Lucas

Carla Diaz sought out Lucas to talk, for the first time, after all the confusion involving the actor during the African Heritage party.

“I just want to tell you that yesterday I didn’t speak to you because I couldn’t do it and I also didn’t want to tell you things that weren’t cool for the moment, you know?”, Said the actress.

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“Guys, everyone said that, but sometimes we have to say it,” replied the actor.

“Sometimes we have to think, you know, Lucas? Sometimes we need time. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone is making mistakes all the time. And if we don’t make mistakes, we don’t learn either”, said Carla.

The actress made herself available to talk to Lucas and, at the end of the conversation, the actor returned to the subject of calling her mother, an attitude that Carla did not like. She explained why she had cut the joke and Lucas laughed and replied, “I got back to the adoption line very quickly.”

Fiuk advises Carla

“You have to understand your position, who you are. You are a privileged white woman. I’m just giving you information so that you can be more careful. Listen more, give more space,” he said.

“Try to be more natural and understand each other’s place”, advised Fábio Júnior’s son.

Angel’s Lunch

Rodolffo he was the first brother to win the “BBB 21” angel test and, therefore, he won a special lunch, with a menu chosen by him, and the right to take two companions.

In the living room, with all the brothers gathered, he announced his choices: “Caio e Arcrebiano”.

Before they started eating and enjoying the pool available on the second floor of the house, where the lunch was held, the three watched a video sent by Rodolffo’s family and the singer was thrilled with the gift.

Lunch even yielded a declaration by Caio to the sertanejo. “Every day that passes I am more satisfied with everything, you are a unique guy, congratulations, from the heart,” he said.

Rodolffo ended up also perceiving external information in his present. In the video, Israel, who plays a country duo with Rodolffo, made a point of leaving a message for Caio, of whom the singer is very close in confinement: “Certainly Caio is there, take good care of him”, he asked.

Caio was happy with the message, but it was Rodolffo who saw a hidden message. While playing a game of pool in the space they won for lunch, he commented: “I was comfortable with that information, see?” Caio agreed: “If I had been in the sh * t he wouldn’t have said that”.

Reviews for Juliette

During a conversation with Karol Conká and Gilberto in the kitchen of the “BBB 21”, Fiuk questioned the anxiety and stomach remedies that Juliette said she needs to take.

“I have a problem with sh * t but I’m not a victim, not even myself,” shot the singer. “I am also not a victim, quite the contrary,” replied Karol.

“If there’s something she doesn’t have, be careful to say it, because she made me upset with bullshit, with shit that came out of her mouth, barbels in the shape of humor. I don’t agree with that,” shot Karol.

” The inconvenience of the tour, I just have that word. Inelegant, boring as hell,” he said, making Fiuk laugh out loud.

“I’ll talk less”

In the morning, Juliette spoke with Viih Tube about her experience at the house and said that she will make changes.

“My behavior will change because I am still understanding things. I will be quieter, I will talk less,” he said.

Pocahontas or Sleeping Beauty?

Pocah’s discreet presence has attracted the attention of the public who follow “BBB 21” on social media, yielding memes and jokes about the singer not getting involved in the confusion of the house and spending a good deal of time taking a nap in the confinement.

In a conversation with Fiuk, the singer asked herself: “Am I sleeping too much?”

Famous joked about the situation:

Keeping an eye on the “darling meter”

Karol Conká noted that he lost a heart in relation to the previous day in the “queridómetro” and shot: “I already know who stopped loving me and started planting everybody. I don’t care”. When questioned, she revealed her suspicions: “Lucas”.

Earlier, Caio said, in a conversation with Rodolffo and Sarah, that he made a mistake in his x-ray.

“I went to give Camilla a heart and pressed my finger on the vomit. Oh no!” He said, which brought laughter from the brothers.

The farmer then stated that he explained himself to the influencer.

Who should immunized people indicate to the first wall of the ‘BBB 21’?



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