Monday, March 8, 2021
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What if we compare a Nokia 2010 with an iPhone 12 Pro Max?

One of the features most used by smartphone users is take pictures and evolution dictated that smartphones have become today the great alternatives to conventional compact cameras.

The truth is that to take incredible pictures we have to bet on the latest generation terminals, one of the most respected options is the iPhone 12 Pro Max from the Cupertino company.

How does the camera of a 2010 smartphone behave against the powerful iPhone 12 Pro Max?

However, and if we confronted Apple’s powerful terminal with a 2010 phone? Who will win?

iPhone 12 Pro Max in epic duel against Nokia 2010

What if we compare a Nokia 2010 with an iPhone 12 Pro Max?  two

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Does anyone remember the time when Nokia devices were indisputable kings? Nokia has always been one of the most important mobile technology companies in the world and, although unfortunately opted for operating systems other than Android, their smartphones were a reference, especially in your photo section.

Today we are going to see how the Nokia N8 of 2010 and the iPhone 12 Pro Max compare in photographic results.

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The comparison was made by the YouTube channel WillitbeatNokia?. Keep in mind that the Nokia N8, like the iPhone 12 Pro, has a 12 MP main sensor and that there is a 10-year difference between the two devices.

IPhone 12 Cameras

This is the camera system of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Well, in fact, the Nokia N8’s camera seems to behave very well especially in situations well illuminated although, obviously, the iPhone wins by a landslide in terms of processing.

The idea of ​​this comparison is to praise the good work that Nokia has done with its devices and that 10-year-old smartphones still able to take good photos is a milestone. Unfortunately, Nokia’s good work has not been rewarded and to date the Finnish brand has not managed to assert itself in the smartphone market as we would all like.


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