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Why does NRK treat us like bastards?

Do you feel like a student in primary school when you see the Melodi Grand Prix? You are not alone.

Grand Prix music is downright lousy. This Saturday kind of took the cake as the misery of misery. But we already know this. That’s just how it is. For Melodi Grand Prix is ​​not «our biggest music show». NRK is coming a little closer to the truth if they drop «music». For show, that’s it.

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I’ll come back to this.

I understand that the short verbal elements should not be filled with in-depth interviews. But why do the presenters have to ask bare naughty questions? For example: “What was it like to stand on a big stage in front of such a large audience?” We all know that they are not on any “big stage”, and that there is not a mouth in the hall!

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‘You’ve been in Idol. How does it really get to step into the ranks of adults? ” I think of some saga: Kill me, my lord king, but not with porridge!

It is a great paradox that the state channel NRK broadcasts this type of «music program», while the commercial channel TV 2 broadcasts a really good music program. For “Every time we meet” is brilliant. And is about what MGP actually should be about: Good songs.

Will it be possible to save MGP, as a music program? I think so – because not everything is as happy. But then the program concept must be cleaned up – from A to Z. How much time do the artists spend on their participation? Most of the time learning more or less dressy, rehearsed dance steps? What a gift musician does this bother?

I’m not looking to take the job from choreographers and dancers, but there must be more interesting tasks for these good professionals?

I just watched with great pleasure Bobbysocks in the 1985 final. A sweeping great pop song, two charming vocalists. Choreography? Bettan and Hanne Krogh made their all-natural movements on stage, and were not disturbed by a hired dance troupe. They did very well with three choristers!

I wish the Grand Prix could find its way back to this form. Preferably all the way back to Åse Kleveland and “Nothing is new under the sun”. Ole Paus with acoustic guitar – “Deep in the soul”? It had been no ‘!

I think an important reason why the elite in Norwegian pop and rock do not sacrifice the Grand Prix a thought, is all the board they have to go through. DumDum Boys, Susanne Sundfør, Eva Weel Skram, Emilie Hollow, Aurora, Astrid S, Sigrid, Åge Aleksandersen, Skambankt, Morten Abel… They have neither the time nor the desire to be part of all the nonsense that comes with participating in MGP.

Here is my alternative recipe, because I really think it would have been great if the Grand Prix could be a nice music show!

Give songwriters and their artists a deadline to submit their contributions. Let them be judged by a knowledgeable jury. Ten selected entries will appear on TV in prime time. Live (today all the music is on tape). It no longer takes all the world of time to rig the stage between each artist.

And it may well be a little show! Let the people decide, by all means! Let’s hear all 10 songs. The five who get the most votes get to play again. Then a final between the two who have received the most votes. And the winner is!

A festive week in a European city, I think even a Bjørn Eidsvåg could show up for.

So you lose all the dolphin finals? Yes. And think what NRK would save on that! In return, one could thus “risk” that the country’s best songwriters think it was an idea to contribute.

This is just a thought. But my thought is free, as Alf Cranner so precisely puts it.


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