Monday, March 8, 2021
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With Big Fone, Sarah is the first nominated for the wall – POPline

The traditional Big Fone rocked the eve of the formation of the first wall of the edition. Some calls from the Big Boss made the confined to indicate the first participant who can dispute the public’s preference this Sunday, if not saved in the round-trip. Sarah was the nominee.

Press Release / TV GLOBO

O Big Fone

Big Fone made its debut on the program and brought a different dynamic. The phone rang three times during TV Globo programming: on the first ring, it was answered by John. He was ordered to appoint 3 colleagues to the wall. Brother chose Sarah, Rodolffo e Acrebi.

The second to answer was Acrebiano who was supposed to save one of the indicated people and chose to save himself. The brother answered the third phone call and was supposed to save one of the two left over. He chose Rodolffo, leaving Sarah on the wall.

Other nominees

The other two places on the wall will be decided by leader Nego Di, by the traditional voting of the house and by the indication of the six participants immunized by the public before the program’s premiere (Fiuk, Projota, Viih Tube, Juliette, Arthur e Lumens).

Whoever is appointed by the leader, will occupy the first spot in the hot seat. The other three will compete in the round-trip event, which will save one of them from the first vote to eliminate reality.

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