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Woman impersonates Covid vaccination agent to try to enter condominium in Aldeota – Metro

A woman tried to enter a condominium in neighborhood Aldeota, in Fortaleza, posing as an immunization agent of the Municipal Health Secretariat (SMS) this Saturday night (30).

According to eyewitness reports, she said she was there to carry out the home vaccination against Covid-19 of elderly people who would be residents of one of the apartments. However, upon being informed that there were no people over 75 at the scene, the suspect claimed to be a mistake and fled in a black car.

Also according to information from witnesses, the woman, who had blond hair, wore a lab coat and carried a styrofoam, was alone and did not know the name of the alleged patient who would be immunized during the visit.

In a note, SMS reported that health professionals who carry out vaccination at home operate from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, duly uniformed and wearing all personal protective equipment (EPIs), in addition to Identification badge Fortaleza City Hall.

The secretariat also reinforced that vaccination occurs through registration through the Vacine Já website. And only those who received confirmation of the appointment via email or Whatsapp will receive the visit in the Capital.

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City Hall workers on record made on the 27th, when home immunization started

Isanelle Nascimento

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THE Northeast Newspaper contacted the Secretariat for Public Security and Social Defense (SSPDS). In a note, the State Civil Police reported “that there was no action by the Public Security bodies and no police report (BO) was registered” on the case.

The Police also “reiterates that the population must register BO, in case they are victims of fraud or scams related to the immunization of the new coronavirus, and points out that vaccinations only occur through scheduling. The registration can be done in person at any unit of the Civil Police of the State of Ceará (PCCE) or through the Electronic Police Station (Deletron), at any time of the day or night. The Electronic Police Station serves the entire State of Ceará “.

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