Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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“Woman of Faith”, Teresa Guilherme leaves a new appeal and receives praise: “Beautiful message …”

Teresa Guilherme is back on television in TVI, where she has been the “leader” of “Big Brother”, who is already in the second edition under her baton.

The presenter, who has repeatedly resorted to social networks to make appeals regarding the fulfillment of the authorities’ recommendations in relation to the pandemic, returned today to contact with fans to, declaring herself a “woman of Faith”, leave a new appeal.

“I am a woman of faith. I believe that a new day will be born where we will be able to kill longings for the kisses and hugs that we did not give, the affections that we did not share. The time now is to stay home. Please protect yourself! ”, declared the presenter.

The comment box filled up quickly: “This is the message that everyone who has any influence in Portuguese society should send, so that it reaches everyone. Thanks. Well there. Cheers. ❤️🙏 ” or “Thanks for the beautiful message”, it can be read.

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