Monday, March 1, 2021
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Xiaomi invents cell phone with sliding screen on the back | Cell phone

Xiaomi is working on a mobile phone with a sliding screen, according to a patent that was leaked in the press. The project published by the specialized website LetsGoDigital indicates a device with a panel that moves vertically, so as to involve the back of the cell phone. That way, the camera and other sensors would be hidden most of the time.

It is expected that, if the smartphone reaches the production stage, it will integrate the Xiaomi Mi Mix line. With two years without announcing new members in the family, the future foldable phone may have similarities with the latest model launched, the Mi Mix 3 5G.

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Xiaomi may present a cell phone with a sliding screen – Photo: Playback / LetsGoDigital

The renderings made from the recorded information revealed a completely frameless display, since the sliding panel would hide the front camera and some sensors at first. Thus, when there is a need to access the lens for selfies, the cell phone should extend the screen to half the back of the cell to display the camera module.

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The movement of the display to enlarge or reduce the structure must be mediated by a set of magnets and the commands to move the screen can be done by voice or gestures.

Mobile phone with scrollable screen hides the structure of the front camera – Photo: Reproduction / LetsGoDigital

There is not much detail beyond this initial structure. However, there is a second model that is mentioned in the project. It should extend the screen sideways.

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Other manufacturers have also developed designs for scrollable screens. LG introduced a sliding screen concept at CES 2021, which highlights a smartphone with an expandable display as the panel expands on the side. TCL also recently announced a model that operates with a similar structure, as does Oppo, which also revealed that it is working on scrollable screen designs.

Even with the significant number of manufacturers designing models and the public expecting to see models with different structures, there is no confirmation that these smartphones will become a final product. Therefore, Xiaomi’s patent registration should not be considered as a solid indication that the project reaches the public, since it can be presented only as a concept.

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