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Xiaomi Mi A3: Xiaomi nightmare gets new Android 11 update

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi A3 was the worst smartphone ever launched on the market by Xiaomi, at least with regard to its updates. The nightmares were many, whenever it came time for this Android One smartphone to receive a new version of Android.

Now, the manufacturer has released a new update that finally brings support for one of the features that had to be removed when the first version was released.

After several problems that resulted in thousands of unusable smartphones, Xiaomi was forced to remove the screen recording functionality from Android 11. Interestingly, this update also comes with a new security patch, but it was left for the December version .

Xiaomi Mi A3 was the worst mistake ever in Xiaomi history

The Xiaomi Mi A1 was introduced in 2017 as the brand’s first Android One smartphone. To the surprise of many, it ended up becoming extremely popular, being responsible for the great growth of the manufacturer in international markets at the time. Its successors, Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite have also achieved great success, helping to solidify Xiaomi’s presence in Europe.

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However, the Xiaomi Mi A3 clearly should never have existed, since the manufacturer already has a solid presence in Europe and it certainly didn’t need more Android One smartphones. Its MIUI interface has already managed to win over users in Europe, not needing them. entice with a “Pure Android”.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Android 11

Furthermore, one of the promises of Android One smartphones is the offer of extremely fast and trouble-free updates, one of the giant problems of the Mi A3. Not only did it not receive updates in time, the Xiaomi Mi A3 found itself plagued with problems that led to the cancellation of many updates.

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It seems more than guaranteed that Xiaomi will not continue to explore this line of smartphones, focusing exclusively on smartphones with its MIUI interface.

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