Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Business Yellow flag remains in force on energy bills in February

Yellow flag remains in force on energy bills in February

Photo: Reproduction TV Vitória

The tariff flag for electricity bills will remain yellow in February, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) said on Friday (29). Thus, the price of energy is R $ 1.34 for every 100 kilowatts consumed per hour. The value is the same as that established for January.

According to the agency, despite February being a typically rainier month, hydroelectric dams’ reservoirs continue to recover slowly, which demands greater consumption restraint.

” The combination of low reservoirs with the prospect of rainfall below the historical average indicates an unfavorable level of energy production by hydroelectric plants, putting pressure on the costs related to hydrological risk (GSF)”, Aneel informed.

The banner system is used to manage the amount charged to consumers based on the conditions of power generation. When the situation worsens, the flag can be changed in a scale that goes from green (without extra fee) to yellow (extra fee of R $ 1.34 per 100 Kw / h) and, in the worst case scenario, to red (R $ 6.2 per 100 Kw / h).

SOURCE: Agência Brasil

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