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Zizi Possi pays tribute to ex-husband, music producer Liber Gadelha, victim of covid-19

Zizi Possi paid tribute to her ex-husband, music producer Liber Gadelha, after learning of his death by covid-19. The news was released earlier today by Luiza Possi, daughter of the then couple. Liber Gadelha, 64, had been hospitalized fighting complications from the disease for more than 60 days.

“How lucky I am! A strong man, a true warrior, is part of my life, with whom I had my only and beloved daughter. We were a family, and we are still separated. Relationships end, love does not! Liber Grabois Gadelha, was my best friend, accomplice and companion in the time we were given to be together “, he began.

And it went on. “Our beloved daughter continued what we created together, marrying Cris and giving us presents to Lucca, who discovered the moon in her grandfather’s lap! How lucky I was to have had it in my life! love that I have in my heart I will accompany you in prayers and music for eternity! Rest in the lap of God’s Love, in the wings of His Protection and in the joy of His Wisdom. Thank you for everything Liber! Love forever! “, concluded the singer.

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Famous people also mourned the death of the music producer. “My feelings, my embrace, my affection. May the love he had for life be an example for all of us”, listened Wilson Simoninha. “May God comfort the whole family,” wished actress Lucy Ramos. “What horrible news. My heart and my prayers are with you,” said Marcos, from the pair with Belutti.

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