Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Coronavirus 103 counties came out of extremely high risk

103 counties came out of extremely high risk

At a time when the country has been in the second general confinement for over a month and the numbers of the pandemic are declining, Mapidea and Dinheiro Vivo draw a picture of the evolution of the covid in the country. Every Tuesday, in simple graphs, you can find information in detail about how the new coronavirus is affecting Portugal.

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Evolution of the number of new cases

In the period from 3 to 16 February, another 50,480 cases were reported at the county level. Twelve counties presented more than 1000 new cases (there were twenty-four in the previous period).

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The top 5 continues to be completely filled with municipalities in the Lisbon region, leaving Odivelas and entering Cascais: Lisbon with 3674, Sintra with 3268, Loures with 1506, Cascais with 1397 and Amadora with 1386.


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