Sunday, March 7, 2021
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After 7 cases of covid, workers fear infection in daycare center – Direto das Ruas

Workers at EMEI (Municipal School of Early Childhood Education) in Bairro Santa Carmélia, in Campo Grande, fear infection with covid-19, after positive cases began to appear last Friday (19). The unit had seven confirmed cases.

According to the Canal Direct das Streets, the confirmations came when the recreational workers returned to work in person, helping teachers, who still work from home.

There are about 20 people working on the site. According to one of the 34-year-old assistants, who asked not to be identified, in the last week ten people were removed from the institution for testing. There is a person hospitalized.

The worker said that the order is to maintain the care of parents who need administrative help, despite the risk represented.

According to him, among the team, the fear is getting infected by having contact with colleagues. The woman also regretted having to go to work in these conditions. He says he is afraid because of his young son.

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In a note, Semed (Municipal Secretary of Education) said that at the Municipal School of Early Childhood Education / EMEI Lafayete Câmara de Oliveira, seven employees tested positive for covid-19 – the director, the coordinator, the secretary and four more assistants.

According to the Secretariat, all measures of biosafety, hygiene and disinfection of the place were taken so that the work environment is safe for other employees, were taken. According to the note, servers were sent to work at the unit, replacing those who are sick, helping to maintain service to the population.

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