Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Business After falling more than 20%, Petrobras shares rise this Tuesday - Economy

After falling more than 20%, Petrobras shares rise this Tuesday – Economy

After falling more than 20% on Monday, 22, after political interference in the command of the company, Petrobrás have the biggest highs in the Brazilian stock exchange this Tuesday, 23, in a movement of recovery. At 11:35 am, the state’s ON shares rose 6.54% and the PN, 7.51%.

THE Ibovespa rises above 114 thousand points, up 1.20%, after closing Monday at 112,667.70 points. THE dollar increases by 0.41%, being quoted at R $ 5.47613.

Investors are eyeing the meeting of the Petrobras Board of Directors to assess the indication of the general’s name Joaquim Silva and Luna to join the collegiate, which opens space for him to take the place of the president Roberto Castello Branco.

In this Tuesday’s session, in addition to following the recovery of Petrobras, B3’s main index feels the positive effect of the advance in the shares of companies linked to metallic commodities: CSN ON was up 3.69%; Vale ON rose 1.22%.

Once again, President Jair Bolsonaro spoke about the Petrobras case, saying that with the change in management, the company will improve. “There’s a lot that is wrong, a new president is going to fix it, you can leave it,” he told supporters this morning. He also asked: “Did I interfere with Petrobras? Someone answers there. What did I say to lower the price? Nothing, zero”.

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Itaúsa PN also increased by 2.45%, after reporting a 6.2% increase in its profit in the fourth quarter compared to the same period in 2019. In a conference call, the company’s president, Alfredo Setubal, said that XP Inc. will be Itaúsa’s second largest investment, which controls Itaú Unibanco. Upon leaving the brokerage bank, the holding company will have 15% of its capital.


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