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Atltico: director wants a silent search and says he still hasn’t looked for Renato

Only after Jorge Sampaoli’s departure is confirmed that the Atlantic, publicly, admitted the search for a new coach. Internally, however, those responsible for managing the club already planned the Argentine’s trip to Olympique de Marseille, France. So they started a debate about who should be the next black-and-white commander. And the most highly rated name is Renato Gacho, which is at the end of the contract with Grmio.

At a press conference this morning – the day after the announcement that Sampaoli he would not remain in Cidade do Galo -, football director Rodrigo Caetano maintained the traditional stance of not talking publicly about possible contracts. Asked if there was already contact with the Gremista commander, the Atlantic leader denied it.
“It wouldn’t even be typical. As of yesterday (Monday) night, we are discussing internally with the people I have mentioned here so many times – the president and the members of the collegiate body – to outline a profile, possibilities. And, yes, my role is to go to the market and talk with people, with representatives of technicians. But I can say that I will intensify this starting today (tera) ”, he guaranteed.

Renato Gacho has a contract with Thunder until March 7, the date of the return game of the final of the Brazil Cup against Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque. The tricolor board intends to maintain it for another season, but negotiations have not yet ended.

At first, it is not a problem for the Atlantic to wait for Renato until the knockout tournament decision. As the participation in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores only starts in the second half of April, the club understands that it does not need to rush to define the new commander.

“We will be calm, without being slow, within a speed, without being in a hurry, for the choice of the new commander”, pointed out Rodrigo Caetano.

Other names

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(Photo: Pedro Souza / Atl

Even before Sampaoli left, other possible substitutes were speculated. However, only the Guto Ferreira, from Cear, was publicly denied by Atltico. On Thursday night, the club published a note in which it denies having contacted the coach (read the end of this article) through representatives of the collegiate body.

Names like those of Cuca (from Santos), Portuguese Leonardo Jardim (without a club) and Renato Gacho himself were not denied in the same way by Atltico. Does it mean to say, then, that they are among those quoted by the board? Questioned, Rodrigo Caetano did not confirm or deny it, but explained the reasons why the note on Guto Ferreira was published.

“Because there was a question of timing, t? Only for that. [A reportagem] He said that there was contact with the coach’s staff, the coach’s representative, and that there was contact by representatives of the collegiate body. So, the explanatory note was in that sense. At that moment, we have a coach. And when you end up defining it as some other representative that is not official, whether from the collegiate body or the president of the club, Srgio Coelho, that noise we cannot allow ”, he began.

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“While I’m here as a professional of the club, which represents the president, the institution in the market – whether for athletes or in this specific case, since yesterday evening, for coaches too … And it was in that sense. Absolutely in relation to coach A, B or C. Guto Ferreira is a person I know, a great coach, but that was the fact. The fact that it was stated that there was a search – and a search for someone who does not have this legitimacy. The intention was only to clarify this. Nothing more than that ”, he continued.

About Leonardo Jardim, Cuca and Renato Gacho, the leader adopted the silncio. Just as he does in the search for players, Caetano said he will only speak publicly about the new coach when he is effectively hired.

“The names will come from the most diverse. I say again – and I take this opportunity to ask – to make it very clear and even ask for your understanding (journalists). We will not, from now on, be denying or excluding, ‘who knows’, ‘maybe’, ‘may be’, because otherwise we will not be able to focus on what is most important, which is the discussion about who to see ” , he pointed out.

“I know that there is work for you (journalists). You are communicators of our fans. So, it’s important that our fans know what’s going on. But there’s no point in talking about something we don’t have yet. As with the players, we want to do with the coach: the moment we have something concrete, really defined, we will have the immense pleasure of communicating to our fans, through you. You can be sure of that, ”he concluded.

Atlantic Note on Guto Ferreira

Clube Atltico Mineiro informs that it does not proceed with the information transmitted this Monday, through the website, giving account of the club’s supposed interest in coach Guto Ferreira.

According to the report, a businessman in the ball market would have been contacted by representatives of the collegiate body that participates in the administration of the Atlantic. The information is not true and lends itself to serve other interests, other than to correctly inform the American fans and society in general.

Clube Atltico Mineiro takes the opportunity to ratify that the only person authorized by the institution to deal with professional matters with players, coaches and businessmen is the football director, Rodrigo Caetano.

Finally, the board of directors of Galo affirms that it will respond firmly to untrue information, respecting transparency and our fans.


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