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Beats Flex does well when exchanging cutting-edge technology for a lower price – Link

The Beats Flex are available in four color options (blue, black, gray and citrus yellow) for R $ 579

Currently, there are headphones for all tastes and ears. There are in-ear headphones with charging cases for hurried everyday life. There are headphones with high power for the most demanding. And there are models that are not so wireless, but are more comfortable for street or high impact exercises. This is the case of Beats Flex, a beautiful example of how to combine comfort, sound quality and “low price” – in Brazil, the suggested price is R $ 580 (in the USA, it is sold for US $ 50, much more accessible for the American).

For Beats Flex, Beats, a brand purchased by Apple for $ 1 billion in 2014, had to abandon cutting-edge technologies when opting to launch a lower-cost product that would reach not only the iOS world, but also the Android. In the end result, the exchange is not bad and makes the product a great entry device with the quality that the Beats and Apple brands carry.

The most cruel choice made by Beats is the adoption of Apple’s W1 chip, launched in the distant year of 2016 to debut with the first generation AirPods. The processor in fact works well and connects via Bluetooth normally with iOS and Android, but the response time between the touch of the button and the pause in the music, for example, is longer than in other competitors, such as AirPods Pro ( R $ 3 thousand), for example. It is, therefore, a device launched to the market with an old chip, when other products from the Beats brand and from Apple use the brand new H1, which gives faster connectivity and longer battery life.

The battery actually lasts twelve hours, as Beats promises. Enough time for a full day of use in the gym and transportation. The recharge needs at least 90 minutes for full charge or 10 minutes for the outlet to use 1.5 hours. And, as it has become standard on the market since Apple abandoned the plug charger on iPhones 12, the box does not come with its own charger, only a USB-C power cable at both ends.

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There is also extensive use of physical buttons, as in the old days (play and pause, turn off and on and increase or decrease the volume), while the market has solutions that respond to the touch of a finger. This, however, is a brand of Beats, which adopts similar features even in the most advanced models. Although in-ear, the Beats Flex has no noise cancellation and only has four options of tips for better adjustment to the ear, helping to passively isolate the sound (a task that you can do with peace of mind).

Another loss is the lack of a case, which means that, when using the phone, it has to hang around your neck or throw it in your backpack or bag. If the consumer is not paying attention, the device can rest, draining the battery unnecessarily.

Beats Flex has magnets on the tips of the headphones to give more practicality in everyday life

Beats Flex has magnets on the tips of the headphones to give more practicality in everyday life

Resistance and practicality

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The great advantage of the Beats Flex is that they are quite resistant, thanks to the cord of nitinol (nickel and titanium material) that joins the two headphones. It is about to be put to the test if this resistance does bring greater durability in the long run.

Another positive factor of the nitinol cord is that there is no tangle of knots seen in the old models of wired headphones. The material was designed to give Beats Flex an almost fixed format, not very malleable, thanks to its memory, which allows the handset to be thrown in the bag and taken back without having to untie any knots. The headphones come out practically ready for the ear.

To further assist in this practicality, in addition to the nitinol cord, magnetic magnets were placed on the tip of the headphones. When joined together, they form a necklace over the neck, preventing the device from falling off the body, and automatically pause the audio that was being played.

The Beats Flex is also quite beautiful, with a sporty footprint that is inspired by the functionality and practicality of this type of fashion. Not for nothing, the four color options for sale (blue, black, gray and green) perfectly match the clothes and sneakers sold by the biggest running and fitness brands.

Finally, Beats was able to maintain in this low-cost version the good sound quality of its previous products, which, in the end, is the most important part of any headset.

The conclusion: Beats Flex does very well and manages to combine the best aspects of the Apple and Beats line, such as AirPods Pro and Powerbeats. However, all of this at a much lower cost.


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