Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Benfica backstage have troubled players and a condition for Jorge Jesus to leave

THE Benfica drew with the modest Farense, last Sunday, and moved further away from the leadership of the Portuguese Championship. The cracks in the club’s backstage also increased, with a “cold war” involving Jorge Jesus, according to the Portuguese press.

Two of the main local sports newspapers on Tuesday reported bad weather for the team. The cover of “Record”, Even, talks about the possibility of changing coaches.

According to the report, the relationship between Jesus and Luís Filipe Vieira, the president who bet on the return of the former Flamengo coach, is no longer the same. The manager is uncomfortable with the bad times of the team, and the coach believes that not all promises have been kept.

Even so, dismissing Jesus is not in Vieira’s plans, according to the Record. One point, however, has changed: the sequence is no longer certain and, if the request for departure comes from the coach, the president would accept, in the information found by the Portuguese.

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With the cast, the situation is also troubled. According to the newspaper “The ball”, The players are, in general,“ worn out and demoralized ”after the tie with Farense.

In the publication’s information, athletes feel “unprotected and exposed” in the midst of the crisis, but than the president and Jorge Jesus himself.

Benfica has 39 points in 20 rounds of the Portuguese and is 15 from the leader Sporting, who has 54. Also behind Porto (44 points) and Braga (43), Jesus’ team would even be out of the Champions League next season at the time.

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