Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Business Bolsonaro decree obliges posts to report fuel price composition - Economy

Bolsonaro decree obliges posts to report fuel price composition – Economy

BRASILIA – Pressured by truck drivers to resolve the high price of diesel, the president Jair Bolsonaro formalized this Tuesday, 23, another promise that has been making to the sector. By decree, the president ordered gas stations to detail to the consumer the estimated amounts of taxes that make up the final price of automotive fuels. The obligation becomes effective in 30 days, according to the act, which is published the official diary of the Union.

Bolsonaro claims that the greater weight of the taxes on fuels is not his responsibility, but that of the governors. Last Saturday, 20, the president said that the formation of fuel prices in the country is a “black box”.

Critical of the readjustment policy of Petrobrás, which follows the international oil price, Bolsonaro also said that gasoline and diesel could be 15% cheaper if the inspection bodies “were working.” When you look at the invoice you also don’t know how much tax is federal, how much is state, how much is the profit margin of the service stations and how much is also paid in terms of distribution. You don’t know anything, it’s a black box “, he declared.

Bolsonaro’s decree says that “consumers have the right to receive correct, clear, precise, ostensible and legible information on the prices of automotive fuels in the national territory”.

According to the norm, the reseller posts are obliged to inform the estimated values ​​of taxes for the goods and services offered by means of a panel posted in a visible location of the establishment, which must contain the average regional value at the producer or importer, the reference price for ICMS, ICMS, PIS / Pasep / Cofins and CIDE.

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Gas stations must also disclose actual and promotional fuel prices. “In the event of granting price discounts in a manner linked to the use of loyalty applications by the automotive fuel dealer stations, the consumer must be informed: the real price, prominently; the promotional price, linked to the use of the loyalty application and the discount amount “, quotes the text.

Fuel prices are made up of a series of components. Refineries impose a value on distributors who, in turn, sell to service stations. In all stages, the cost price and profit are applied. In addition to federal taxes, there is an ICMS, which is state.

Last Thursday, 18, Petrobras announced an increase of 15.2% in diesel and 10.2% in gasoline. It was the fourth readjustment of the year, which weighed on Bolsonaro to indicate a new name for the state command, instead of Roberto Castello Branco, whom the president criticized even for being in a home office regime during the pandemic. For Bolsonaro, Castello Branco had “zero commitment” to the country. For the command of the state-owned company, the general Joaquim Silva e Luna, which still needs to be approved by the company’s Board of Directors. Diesel and gasoline have already accumulated an increase of 27.5% and 34.8% in 2021.

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