Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Home Sport Boycotts in protest of bikini ban

Boycotts in protest of bikini ban

Female beach volleyball players are allowed in Qatar – but have been banned from wearing a bikini.

BOYCOTS: Karla Borger usually competes in a bikini on the World Tour in beach volleyball. The picture is from 2016. Photo: LEON NEAL / AFP

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The German duo Karla Borger and Julia Sude, who have withdrawn from the World Tour tournament, which will take place in Doha in March, do not like it.

– We are going there to do a job, but then we are refused to wear our work clothes, says Karla Borger to Deutschlandsfunk.

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The beach volleyball women have been given directives that they must play in T-shirts and knee-length trousers – not the bikinis they usually wear.

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The duo say they will not participate under these conditions.

– We play in 30-40 degree heat, and we are used to playing in a bikini. This is really the only country that tells us how to do our job – and we criticize that, says Borger.

Their criticism also goes against the International Volleyball Association:

– We question whether it is necessary to have a tournament there. There is definitely something to ask.

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According to Deutschlandsfunk, the international federation FIVB emphasizes that they had not yet received any negative feedback on the tournament in Qatar.

– But I understand that someone will participate there, because they need points to qualify for the Olympics, says Karla Borger.

FIVB confirms to Spiegel the regulations for how the female players should dress. It is about respecting the culture and traditions of the host country, they say.

In 2019, it was the World Athletics Championships in Doha.

– At that time, the female sprinters were allowed to wear the clothes they usually wear, says Julia Sude.

According to Spiegel, those in power in Qatar at the time gave a special exception to the dress code for the World Cup participants.

– We have had the opportunity to choose and have chosen to drop the tournament. Somewhere the social boundaries go.



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