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Changes to support for parents take effect today. Here’s what changes

THE enlargement of support for families in times of pandemic for parents of 1st cycle students and single-parent families who choose not to engage in teleworking to assist the family, it will take effect this Tuesday, February 23. The declaration for this purpose is already available on the Social Security website.

The decree-law, approved by the Council of Ministers on Thursday, was published on Monday to take effect on the day following the publication, this Tuesday, including teleworking parents who were not covered by support, a situation that drew criticism from unions, the ombudsman and the parties.

Telework or support?

The diploma provides that workers who are engaged in activity in teleworking regime can choose to stop the activity to provide support to the family, benefiting from that exceptional support to the family.

This support is given in situations where the household is a single parent and is in the period when the child or other dependent dependent is in their custody, if shared, or includes a child or other dependent dependent who frequents early childhood support facilities, establishment pre-school or primary school, or a dependent with a disability, with a proven disability equal to or greater than 60%, regardless of age.

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In the diploma, the Executive explains that this is a public policy measure for “protect the income of families, particularly those in poverty”.

Support can reach 100% of the remuneration

The measure also intends, he says, to “promote balance” in the provision of assistance to the family, in situations where the household is single parent or the two parents benefit from support every other week, with the value of exceptional support to the family being increased by Social Security, to 100% of the remuneration, with the applicable legal limits.

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Workers have to inform companies three days before

As of this Tuesday, says the law, teleworkers who choose to support their families have to inform the company about your decision three days in advance.

Support currently corresponds to two-thirds of the worker’s basic remuneration, but when support is shared between parents, and in single parents, support is 100%, with the differential being financed by Social Security.

According to the latest data, Social Security has so far received 68 thousand requests for family support, while in 2020 the support reached 201 thousand families, with an impact of 83 million euros.

Exceptional family support, which had already been applied in the first confinement, is aimed at parents of children up to 12 years at home with the children due to the closure of schools.

Parents who have to miss work to provide urgent assistance to their dependent child or dependent are entitled to receive support corresponding to two thirds of their basic remuneration, with a minimum limit of 665 euros and a maximum limit of 1,995 euros.

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