Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Conservative candidate in Nordland wants government employees to work wherever they want – E24

The time when government jobs are linked to a building in Oslo is over, says Conservative Bård Ludvig Thorheim, who is the party’s top candidate in Nordland.

Government employees should be able to live anywhere in Norway, and not be tied to an office in Oslo, according to the Conservative Party’s top candidate in Nordland.

Fredrik Hagen / NTB

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He wants state bureaucrats of all kinds, as far as possible, to decide for themselves where they want to live and work. Now the Conservative top in Nordland is trying to get the rest of the party, reports NRK.

Thorheim will present the proposal during Nordland Conservative Party’s annual meeting this weekend. He has good faith that the proposal will be adopted. After that, the rest of the party will be persuaded until the national meeting in May.

– It must be possible to do government administration jobs everywhere in the country. Now we want the state as an employer to build a workplace “Norway”, Thorheim says to NRK.

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– Recruitment in the state should focus on competence and suitability. Employees shall not be discriminated against for positions in the state based on place of residence. It will ensure settlement and value creation in the districts, says Thorheim, who believes that both technology and the pandemic have shown us that the working life of the future does not have to be linked to an office.

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