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Cooperation between “car wash” and the USA took place outside official channels

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The defense of ex-President Lula sent the Federal Supreme Court this Friday (12/2) new dialogues between prosecutors of the Federal Public Ministry of Paraná. The conversations reinforce that international cooperation with the United States took place outside the official channels, informally.

Dallagnol boosted informal cooperation on the Brazilian side
Fernando Frazão / Agência Brasil

The central cooperation authority between the two countries is the Department of Asset Recovery and Cooperation (DRCI), linked to the Ministry of Justice. Attorney Deltan Dallagnol, however, is impatient about the formal exchange of information.

The conversation is dated December 1, 2015. On that occasion, MPF and US authorities discussed the investigations about Petrobras carried out in Brazil and in the North American country. Foreign prosecutors even went to Curitiba to speak with whistleblowers’ lawyers. They intended to listen to collaborators in the ongoing investigations in the United States.

A ConJur kept the abbreviations and any typos and spelling errors present in the conversations.

“We are in a hurry, because the DOJ [Departamento de Justiça dos EUA] he has already come and had a formal meeting with the lawyers of the collaborators, and from there the lawyers will resolve the situation of the clients there … This meets what the Americans need and will no longer depend on us. From then on, we will lose strength to negotiate dividing the money they recover. Hence our haste, “Dallagnol said in a group. The action in favor of the US agency was aimed at generating” credits “for the” car wash “to create a billionaire fund.

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Vladimir Aras, then responsible for international cooperation in the Attorney General’s Office, is uncomfortable with the strategy of acting directly with the American authorities: “But they will only achieve this if we collaborate, no? They have no evidence. Or do they?”

Dallagnol replies: “Yes, they can. Because the employees will give the way to the stones. The rest can do it with Petro [Petrobras] or on the internet. They can pick up and use everything on the web. And our cases are entirely on the Web “.

“Trump are collaborators, as long as they are not deposing to the Americans … Of course they will ask us for materials to facilitate, but if we close the doors it will not change much afterwards … I believe that now is the best time yet to bargain for something”, concludes Dallagnol .

The scam didn’t just happen with the American authorities. In another dialogue, Dallagnol admits that he was using elements obtained outside the official channels and says that if informal cooperation falls, “it comes through the official channel and we ask again”.

“I am receiving information from Monaco directly by email and official use has been authorized …”, says Dallagnol. Vladimir Aras again disputes. “Delta, better be careful. What kind of situation is it? Defenses can question the channel. The DRCI too.”

Dallagnol defends the scam: “I agree. I would not use it for evidence in denunciation, as a general rule. We will use it as a precaution. If it falls, it arrives through the official channel and we ask again”.

Aras asks: “You can’t wait to arrive [pelo canal oficial]? Prudent as a dove; smart as a snake “, he quips.

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