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COVID-19: Restrictions on the Cascais wall lifted from today to the end of the day – News

In a note published on its website, the Municipality of Cascais, in the district of Lisbon, said that the restrictions on the Cascais wall to Carcavelos, beaches and parks, whose access had been forbidden since January, will be lifted from 6 pm : 00.

The origin of the survey is, according to the municipality led by Carlos Carreiras (PSD), the decrease in the number of cases of covid-19 per 100 thousand inhabitants, which led the municipality to a “two-level descent, abandoning the extremely high level of risk. and very high ”to become part of the group of municipalities with a high level of risk.

In an order signed on Monday by Carlos Carreiras, the mayor says that the “effort of the people of Calcais has produced results”.

“Given that in the municipality we have reduced the number of cases and, with that, the risk for high, we will lift the restrictions”, he said.

For the decision, in addition to the “evaluation of these numbers”, the positive opinion of the health and safety authorities of the municipality of Cascais contributed.

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Even so, only physical activity and training of individual outdoor sports will be allowed, as well as all professional and equivalent training and competitive activities, without an audience and in compliance with the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health.

In the places where the restrictions will be lifted, information boards will be installed where the rules for the use of spaces will be known.

The use of a mask and a distance of two meters are mandatory, there is an indication of compliance with the directions of circulation and agglomerations and permanence in the sand are not allowed.

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On January 17, the authorities banned access to the Cascais wall, after many people were detected on the second day of general confinement.

A source from the municipality told Lusa at the time that the ban came after having been “notorious” and “visible” a strong influx of people to the wall.

Only access to the restaurants in that area was open, so that people could pick up meals in a ‘take-way’ regime.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,466,453 deaths worldwide, resulting from more than 111 million cases of infection, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

In Portugal, 16,023 people died from 798,074 confirmed cases of infection, according to the most recent bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.


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