Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Creation of new companies falls 43% and insolvencies rise more than 15% – Executive Digest

The incorporation of new companies fell by 42.7% in January, compared to the same period of 2020, while insolvencies increased by 15.4%, according to an analysis made by ‘Iberinform’.

In a statement sent to the newsrooms, the organization says that insolvencies increased by 15.4%, with a total of 531 insolvency claims, 71 more than in the same period of 2020 ».

The accumulated value of insolvencies is also higher than the totals for 2018 and 2019, rising by around 12% and 26.7%, respectively. ” The insolvency declarations required in January had an annual growth of 35.4% (plus 28 companies), while the insolvency submissions by the companies themselves decreased by 6.6% (minus seven companies)”, he reveals.

Additionally, closures with an insolvency plan fell 71.4% compared to 2020 (minus five shares). «In the period under review, 323 companies were declared insolvent, 55 more than in 2020. The sum of all shares results in a 15.4% increase in total insolvencies compared to 2020», adds Iberinform.

In the district analysis, it is possible to observe that «of the 22 national districts and autonomous regions, twelve registered increases (54.5%), eight decreases (33.4%), with two null variations (9.1%). In addition, “districts with increases in this indicator represent 84.2% of total insolvencies in January”.

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In percentage terms, the most significant growth in insolvencies belongs to Vila Real (700%), Portalegre (100%), Castelo Branco (77.8%), Guarda (66.7%), Setúbal (40%) and the region of Madeira (36.4%). The decreases compared to 2020 are observed in Braga (-83.3%), Beja (-50%), Angra do Heroísmo (-33.3%), Faro (-28%), Santarém (-28%), Viseu (-20%), Ponta Delgada (-16.7%) and Leiria (-5.9%).

With regard to the creation of new companies, 3,144 were created in January, 2,346 less than in the same period of 2020-42.7%). «Compared to 2019, the negative variation is even more accentuated (-52.8%) and« is related to the epidemiological situation that the country faces », he adds in the analysis.

Lisbon is the district with the «most significant number of constitutions», with 821 new companies, followed by Porto, with 649. In this matter, the most pronounced declines are registered in Angra do Heroísmo (-61.9%), Faro (-57.8%), Lisbon (-55.3%), Portalegre (-50%), Vila Real (-50%) and Coimbra (-49.4%), among others.

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