Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home Breaking News Critical deputies of Rodrigues dos Santos refuse to leave Parliament - Observer

Critical deputies of Rodrigues dos Santos refuse to leave Parliament – Observer

Shock waves continue at the CDS after a National Council that left the party in the dark. João Gonçalves Pereira, councilor, deputy and leader of the Lisbon district, refuses to leave his post in Parliament and says he is “unavailable to end the scrutiny of a board with the weaknesses” that it has shown. Ana Rita Bessa guarantees the same: “Mandate is to fulfill”.

As the Observer wrote during the night, this Saturday’s National Council ended up being marked by the frontal shock between the parliamentary bench and Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos.

On the leadership side of Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos the conviction is that the path of deputies João Gonçalves Pereira or Ana Rita Bessa, both elected by Lisbon, has come to an end. The two are expected to assume the consequences of the positions they have taken in the past few weeks and months. It is also likely that the indirect pressure on Cecília Meireles will increase – the deputy’s departure would allow Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos to enter Parliament directly.

Speaking to journalists at the end of the vote, Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos completely devalued the possibility of disturbances on the bench and promised a renewed effort to relaunch the relationship between the party leadership and the parliamentary group.


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Not everyone in the direction of Rodrigues dos Santos thinks the same way. Nobody is going to push anyone; but part of the hard core of the CDS leader would not go into depressed states if some of the most critical voices in the current leadership left Parliament.

Gonçalves Pereira has already reacted to the signal given by some members of the CDS management. “I read that the deputies will be in ‘check’ due to the result of the National Council. I couldn’t disagree more. The humility with which the party president reacted to the results proved it well. Without the inherences of the National Political Commission, we would all be preparing the congress ”, he provoked on Facebook.

“Not so, I keep what I always said: available for institutional dialogue, as a deputy, councilor and district leader; unavailable to end the scrutiny of a board with the weaknesses and responsibilities that were evident in the last weeks and last night. ”

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Leaving the call for the party leadership to try to replicate the “union” and “coherence” that exists within the parliamentary group, Gonçalves Pereira concludes:

“I was critical, I am critical and I will continue to be critical if the direction of the CDS is the same as last year. As I had already argued, and keeping my doubts about the current situation of the party, a better future will pass through the parliamentary group (Cecília Meireles), Brussels (Nuno Melo) and the courage of the man who forced the current leadership to rectify itself: Adolfo Mesquita Nunes. ”

Speaking to the Observer, Ana Rita Bessa adds another argument: “I spent 17 hours at the National Council hearing that the mandates are to be fulfilled. It was, moreover, the most used argument to question the raison d’être of those who defended an Extraordinary Congress. That is why I listened and integrated: the mandates are to be fulfilled ”, he says.


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